Know your enemy!

Nizar Ahmed

“If you know yourself and know your enemy you will not be imperiled in hundred battles.” Sun Tzu 

Today’s coward attack by the Taliban on innocent kids and school administration in Peshawar has proved that Pakistan is moving in the wrong direction. Pakistan has failed to identify the enemy, which is creating security lapses.

I still remember when every day a school was bombed by Taliban in Swat. I still remember Malala’s incident, and I also remember how she fought back and won the Noble peace prize. We have to take Malala as an example, critically analyze how passionately she traveled from nowhere to be a winner of Noble Peace prize. Pakistan should follow the foot prints of Malala.

No doubt that yesterday’s incident was undeniably horrifying but we have to learn from such incidents instead of giving statements and condemning verbally. We have to take bold and clear steps to fight against militancy and secure our motherland.

Fragile democracy and weak economic condition of Pakistan has given opportunity to different militant groups to strengthen themselves within the country’s territory. Those groups have been used by different intelligence agencies of different countries to destabilize Pakistan.

The role of Pakistan’s army is appreciable in this regard but unfortunately myopic political leadership has failed to steer the progress of military to extract the roots of militants from Pakistan. This has resulted in heavy economic losses, as well as Pakistan has failed to address its security concerns. This situation consumed national resources and diverted state to address the emerging security challenges.

Army is doing their part but political elite have to understand that terrorism has became an ideology now. You cannot eliminate the factor without assessing the environment of militancy, the way they perceive and interpret things. In this regard we have to consider Colin gray’s dimensions, i.e. 1.people and politics, 2.Preparation for war and, 3. War proper, to devise a sound strategy and priorities things accordingly.

It is right time for law enforcement agencies and every member of society to be conscious of security of every citizen. There is an urgent need to take some serious action and provide a visionary policy for better conclusion of war against terrorism. This can be possible when civil society, army and politicians will stand as one against Terrorism. Following are best possible options to prevent such incidents.

There is an urgent need to re priorities the preferences of government. To devise and suggest effective policies against insurgency and militancy. Civil society along with law enforcement agencies should play there role by actively participating and educating society of their security. Government should provide different platforms to promote conflict resolution among youth and encourage them to participate in peace building. Religious figures should play their role by giving Fatwa against terrorists especially on Friday.

Every Pakistani should realize that this is the time to stand up against terrorism. Every citizen has to act responsible and contribute in peace building process. We have to work hard together for spotless society. Everyone should take this as a collective responsibility then we will educate our society and give bright and secure future to our next generation.

 Writer holds a masters degree in Strategic and nuclear studies. Can be reach at nezyyynizar@gmail.com

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