CPEC and Gilgit-Baltistan

By Muhammad Ismail

Chine-Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) is a game changer for the four provinces of Pakistan as well as for the regions of Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. It will become the main connective channel between both states through transport, industry, Power energy (electricity), promotion of trade and tourism. CPEC will be equally important for the central, south Asia and Middle East. This project will provide the opportunities to increased economic and strategic development in the country. Gilgit-Baltistan is bordering region between China and Pakistan. It connected both nations by Karakorum Highway which is started from Khunjerab pass in the gate way of Gilgit-Baltistan and include in CPEC. It is passes through the mountains, ups and downs ways and covers 600 km in (GB) region. The people of GB have some apprehensions on unequal distributed of rights but government of Pakistan ensuring to the people of the region, that in this project they will receive equal rights like others provinces. This study intended to provide every aspect of one belt one route concept and its effects particularly on the beautiful northern region of Pakistan.

There are benefits of CPEC for the Gilgit-Baltistan region as it is the Gate way for both Pakistan and China. There are some possible advantages\ Benefits in future for the people of the region, such as; The corridor will be created job opportunities for the peoples of Gilgit Baltistan, the region is the important for the water store body for Pakistan it is also produces electricity for other provinces of Pakistan. CPEC will be significant for the peoples of Gilgit-Baltistan for the Optic Fiber connection. Through the CPEC created nine special economic Zones in all over Pakistan among them one economic Zone will be for this region which will construct in Magpoondas area, Roads will be expanded in Gilgit-Baltistan and it will be very easy and short way Gilgit to Islamabad.

At Magpoondas fruit processing industries, precious Gemstone cutting and polishing center, iron & steel industry would be constructed in future, the subsidiary effect of the CPEC is obvious that GB is likely in the terms of commercial progress, energy generations, infrastructures of Road development and telecommunications. The connectivity through road and train plus internal city road will be laid to increased social and economic integration The CPEC Road benefits to the local peoples to connect one district to other district to an easy way and faster. The future development is expected in the region as peoples are getting training or learning Chinese languages and professional skill. Due to the CPEC, both countries Pakistan and China will be given batter security to the region due to their own interest.

The Karakorum highway expansion occur because of CPEC, the constructing of Gilgit to Chitral Road, establishment of the Phander hydropower project in Ghizer, Karakoram international university hydro power project in Gilgit city. The project is important for the optical fiber project which is connecting the modern world. Through the CPEC in future the Bunji-Roundo Dam will be build and it produces electricity and water to the Pakistan, The Government of Pakistan claims that the project would create employment opportunities for one million peoples in GilgitBaltistan. Diamer-Bhasha dam would, produce 4800 megawatts of electricity through hydro-power generation, store an extra 10.5 cubic kilometres (8,500,000 acre ft) of water for Pakistan that would be used for irrigation and drinking; extend the life of Tarbela Dam located downstream by 35 years, control flood damage by the River Indus downstream during high floods the total cost of project is 14 billion US dollar.

In the future it can be possible for a train service to begin between China and Pakistan, which would be vital for the GB region because the railway track will be started from China to Gilgit to Gwadar port, As a result of the CPEC, including strategic, social, and economic improvements. GB will benefit from the CPEC, which will offer stability, growth, and a promising future. The vital project is will also resolve Pakistan’ and GB energy crises.

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