Education: A glorious asset

By Karrar Hussain

Our education system profoundly roots into the structural hierarchy of a successor state, where British used to enlighten a specific class in order to govern the society. It is an obvious statistic that such a division interrupted the process of learning. This orthodox approach still persists which has hampered the basic procedure of educational set up. The real dilemma lies in the fact that we have made the subject perplexed, for that every individual should rather prioritize the real concept of education and knowledge. What do we follow and adopt? The less approached technique of cramming and memorizing. One ought to acquire education and knowledge profoundly in order to get the insight of learning. Education is not merely an external degree or certificate. The true essence of Education is to be a noble human being. Here, the priorities have bent towards the materialistic means, as a narrative of neoliberalism; where finance is the only objectivity. We rely upon the conventional and traditional means to acquaint education that can best apt for money and power.

Through the light of education, human beings strives for success and glory. Education remained the part and parcel in the walk of development. With the passage of time men started acquiring knowledge and education about him as well as his surroundings. This slow and steady process took centuries to develop. In the meanwhile the crown of creature faced the challenges of time and space patiently and developed gradually. Undoubtedly, Education provided human beings with a platform to excel and prove ones abilities and capabilities in this world and hereafter.

This phenomenon is applicable to entire human beings and Pakistanis are no exception to that. Having said that, being the part of tremendous success we lag behind in many aspects of life; therefore we would shed light on various parameters as well as highlight some of the possible solutions.

Its’ commonly observed that there is a division in educational system, where true learning is far away from the access of most citizens. Though our educational plans and educational conferences surround many vigilant ideas about free and compulsory education, yet after six decades education is merely a dream for millions. What the dire need of hour is, the implementation of plans which can become possible only through seasoned policy makers.

  Here, it is mandatory to pinpoint that less GDP on education that has been responded pessimistically. Well, it is true to a fashion which does not replenish the demand; but we can make the best out of it. The alternatives can be a narrative as relying and focusing on the available resources than desiring for invincible components. Had there been full utilization of the allocated budget in the appropriate way, we would have never faced the music; for that the ghost schools and incompetent faculty are always alarming obstacles to accomplish the zenith.

We must set up a proper strategy and proactively work out on that before the complete decline of Educational infrastructure. Every individual ought to contribute optimistically by appreciating recreational activities through award and reward system. Moreover the concerned authorities must implement the policies then looking for reforms. We hope that the participation of every hand will boost up the literacy rate of Pakistan in its true sense.

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