The only solution lies in United GB

By Saleem Abbas

Almighty lord has blessed the region of Gilgit-Baltistan with his utmost blessings. The region is home of world’s largest peaks, highest glaciers and the most beautiful valleys. The hospitality of GB attracts tourists from round the globe to explore the beauty of nature. These regions possess special importance in Pakistan, as its maximum of tourism economy relies on this land, and the most important is the trade route for China and of China to international market goes through the land of GB.

It is the story of past 1948 that the united Rajas of GB pushed out the occupying Dogra troops after a long struggle and decided to annex the region with Pakistan most probably due to Islamic sentiments of the populace, thinking that their rights would be better preserved in an Islamic state.

The humans of GB soon became disappointed as they have been totally disregarded in all sectors of importance and their graph of prosperity has been going downward, quashing their expectations because they were restricted to a limited domain.

After about 66 years of independence the region of GB is still considered a undisputed territory and they are not given a single representation in the federal government. The slogan of people of GB is to preserve their basic rights in the form of constitutional setup and reformation in other sectors like health, education etc.

It is most important to note that Pakistan considers the resources of GB as its assets and declares the region as “Tourism Hub” of the country but whenever there raised a voice for the rights of this region, everyone steps back and their remains pin drop silence. Now, it’s really amusing situation for the innocent localities.

We, the people of GB are very innocent and peace-loving humans. We have never yet chosen the path of violence and disruption for our rights. We have never protested increasing the trouble of government, as Pashtuns did in other parts of the country. We have never yet revolted as Balochis did causing a severe setback in the economy and security concerns of the country. We never yet followed the way of Hazara community and other such processions challenging the rid of government. It’s not that we cannot do all these thing, but apparently we are mature and still consider ourselves as patriotic Pakistani, so we don’t want to be among traitors and we expect the same behavior towards us too.

Now, it’s not only the center, who is sole responsible for  all that but also the lacking sense of responsibility of our people too which is not allowing the situation to move towards betterment. It’s that orthodox culture which still had enslaved our mental approach  and we are still standing on the same corner where we were before. Our educated class considering politics as dirty business, prefers to stay far from it and consequently the sector who decides the fate of whole nation is dominated by illiterate and incompetent scums who drives the car of nation in their desired ways. So, today we lacking behind in every sector compare to other region of country. The proliferation of this sense is the only solution to get rid of all sort of crises in education and other department of importance.

It’s our youth who is now the center of focus and it’s our responsibility to develop the sense in upcoming generation about the scenario in which we are being putted by our own authoritarian class. Here we can see that the quality of education needs reformation and most importantly we are not having a single reputed university in GB, either  Engineering, Medical, Arts or any other. The most effected class is our sisters  who either due to family restrictions or lack of resources to get such a favor go waste, and due to this the pillar of nation is not that much strongly strengthened yet. Ultimately the women education in our region is not given a notable importance which mostly affects the remote areas where girls never goes to school.

The perplexing situation of GB is not going to resolve soon if we are not united for the cause of our rights. The responsibility  of youth is to eradicate the misconceptions and stand with same slogan irrespective of cause, creed and religion. A united GB leads to peace, prosperity and revolution indeed.

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  1. mr abbas very good point.
    Pakistan does care for people of gilgit.
    Gilgit should work on three steps for development.
    Since gilgit is far behind in governing body.
    1 gilgit needs to make employment for all people of the state. They need to develop infrastructure.
    2.gilgit people just got chance to rule. now they need to get wise and they need to flourish their state.
    3. voting rights and representation in national assembly is the next step.

    if you are thinking on the pattern of getting political solution. kashmiris of all regions suffer because of bigotry practice of indians.
    I see bright future of gilgit. when people of gilgit go for education to all these universities.
    Now they need to become wise like former MD of NATCO.
    I heard MD of NATCO joining political parties. this will usher in development of gilgit.
    How this dispute is going to be resolved is another question?
    we should work toward that goal.

  2. I am really surprised when people complain that GB is less developed than the rest of the country. That is not true. The whole country is underdeveloped. If anything, we are better off at least regarding education. And it seems that everyone has a political opinion about how “entitled” we are. This is a culture I have observed that makes people very vocal about what Pakistan “owes” them. As if the people in Sindh, Punjab, KP, Baluchistan and not to forget FATA have all the rights that we are not given. My point is, it is very easy to act deprived, but takes more effort to first educate oneself politically before forming an opinion. I have seen students get emotional about their “political rights” who are not keen on doing a single assignment set to them as course work at university, just one example of intellectual lethargy. There are youngsters who would rather go to a “dharna” rather than read something that helps them understand socio-economic issues. It is nicer, isn’t it, to complain than to become someone informed and to understand the complexity of political issues. The worst thing that people in GB can do is to take an emotional approach, but unluckily that’s what’s happening.

    1. With due respect ma’m.. The point you have highlighted purely means that we should give free hand to our politicians to decide our fate. You said we must concentrate on our studies despite of goings to dharna’s or any other such thought provoking events. We have been doing so for decades that’s why despite of having maximam literacy rate, we are not having the sense to take stance for our rights, I totally agree with Mr. Saleem’s point that it’s the turn of the youth to stand against such evils and unity of the GB’s youth is only the last hope.
      Thank you

  3. Impressive words. Agree that education class must join politics for better impact on govt.

  4. Saleem, who do we are blaming for.Blame over self not the Govt. of Pakistan.It is over fault,it is fault of that leaders who even didn’t know how to write their names.Our people do not want change.If we want changes ,change our self,change and choose educated leaders.
    That is it……..!

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