Cultural sharing or exchange?

Ikram Ali Barkat

People live in different parts of the globe having different cultures and traditions. People from one part of globe are eager to know about culture and tradition of other part, most of the time. The development of materialistic world and cultural development both are moving in parallel in today’s world. To be dominant in all aspects most of the dominant developed countries offer various cultural exchange programs. It would not be pessimistic to view these exchange programs in a sense that cultures of developed countries are dominating and the developing and under developing countries are adopting the dominant cultures rapidly. its good sign that people are accepting other cultures and adopting them.

This exchange of cultures is beneficial for the developed countries, as well as the developing ones. More benefit goes to the industrialized countries but  it puts a positive impact on both economies; due to this acceptance of multiple culture people tend to move towards variety of commodities to improve their life standards, hence enabling economic growth. In fact, this the capitalist model. It is a fashion as well nowadays  that in developing countries people are adopting and copying the living styles of people in the advanced or industrialized countries.

It is good for the economies but on other side the less industrialized countries are losing their uniqueness by adopting a dominant culture or an imported culture.

The questions that arise in my mind are, should we adopt the dominant cultures?  Should  we support this unification agenda? Should we support the exchange programs? Or should we preserve our own culture? Can we share our cultures in the sense to be connected across the boundaries with other people and to be familiar with multiple cultures?

It is good to know about other cultures should we share or exchange?

On one hand there is unification, variety, better, urbanized, standards of life but on other hand there is uniqueness, our own unique life style with traditional commodities.

I am still waiting for the answer to this question myself and eager to learn your views also.

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  1. The most important thing is being fully aware of ones own culture so that we should know the good and bad of it. and when one gets chance to be part of other culture then see for the good part of it.There is no harm in adobting it and at the same time it is not bad to give up any part of our culture which has negative impacts

    1. i am differentiating the two i-e cultural exchange and cultural sharing.. Are you supporting me for this? plzz add your opinion with reasons.. and also tell that will you support cultural exchange or cultural exchange programs??

      1. yes I agree with cultural exchange program and infact as per my understanding culture is shared by culture exchange program(It is one of many ways). That is what I said in my previous comment that when one gets the chance of culture exchange then share with them whats good in our culture and when return to native culture; share whats good in that other culture. This will result in good understaning by sharing cultures.
        I think culture exchange is a means of culture sharing so comparision between the two is not necessary. If you have any different understanding or perspective I would like to know that.

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