Second Chitral Markhor carcass found in Gol National Park

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

Chitral, February 11: Carcass of a female Markhor, Pakistan’s national animal and a rare species, was recovered from Chitral Goal Nation park (CGNP) which is a protected area, where even legal trophy hunting has been prohibited.

Divisional forest officer of CGNP Muhammad Buzurg confirmed the report about recovery of the Markhor carcass from Chitral goal national park. Talking to this scribe DFO Muhammad Buzurg said that earlier that a male Markhor had also been found dead in the same protected area. He theorized that the recently found Markhor may have got stuck in a in tree and died due to natural reasons.

On the other hand, an environmentalist who did not want to be named, said that Markhors are very sharp animals and it is unlikely that the animal may have gotten trapped in a tree. He said that Markhors live in very dangerous peaks and have agility and strength to overcome hindrances.

He said that a few years back a Markhor was hunted illegally by an officer and Chief Justice Peshawar High Court took suio moto action on illegal hunting of Markhor by an  unknown officer. He said that might in present case such elements involved.

Social and political circle of Chitral have demanded for conducting inquiry in this connection to ascertain death of Makhor a very costly species (its hunting trophy is budding on 100000 $ dollars) to ascertain that either these Markhor were died on natural death or were killed by some one.

Community leader Hussain Ahmad also confirmed death of Makrhor at CGNP which is a question mark for the department who have deployed a large number of watchers and other staff.

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