Biometric verification of Telenor SIMS in Chitral

The biometric verification of all consumers of cellular communication is a sound step taken by the government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. All the citizens will be safe from any sort of tragedy after the verifications of the SIMS.

I belong to Garam Chashma, which is 48 KM from Chitral Town. Telenor started functioning in my area for a month and stopped services after selling their SIMS at high prices. Due to the lack of services in our area I went to Chitral for the verification of my SIM.  I visited Telenor franchise for consecutively three days and was surprised to hear the lame excuses of the officials.

On the first day, I had to wait for a long time in the queue.  When I reached the counter, the officials excused to verify my SIM saying that the internet is down. The second day the same excuses were made with additional demand of a number photocopies of my CNIC for ownership change.  On the third day when I reached the official after standing in the queue he told me to verify the SIM from any retailer with a payment of Rs. 50 to the retailer. When I asked the official about his job description and the reason for his presence in the office another official took me to his cabin and verified my SIM for Rs. 20. All the networks are charging Rs. 10 and Telenor instead of providing good facilities to the customers is abusing them financially and mentally.

I am not the only one who has faced this injustice. There are thousands who have faced it. I request the high authorities to stop such injustice happening inside the franchises in Chitral. I also request Telenor authorities to make the services in our area operational as soon as possible to better serve the consumers who have already purchased the SIMs.

Fardad Ali Shah

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