Two arrested for sexually abusing a college student in Skardu

Skardu, March 8: Two people have been arrested for allegedly raping a first year college student here in Skardu. The girl, whose identity is being protected, has said that two young men abducted her while she was on her way back home from a private tuition center. The two accused allegedly raped the girl and then dumped her in the satellite town area of Skardu in middle of the night.

The brave student had reportedly approached the police to seek justice.

The accused have been arrested by the police and cases have been registered against them under the Anti-Terrorism Act. According to reports, police have found marks of torture and other signs on the body of the student.

The incident has shocked the entire Gilgit-Baltistan region and people have demanded stern action against the rapists.

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  1. its so bad to hear such thing on “woman day”, so sad and immense shame……
    There is a need of some immediate actions against the rapists and also give security for the female students from their house to the academic institutions. hoping for good result from the investigating team

  2. the culprits must be caught and subjected to much deserved punishment. such an act of inhumanity and barbarism is not the norm as far as skardu is concerned. my heart goes out to the victim and her family. i hope the government will take due measures to prevent such criminal acts in the future. Although malpractices such as eve teasing had started to become quite common (the victims usually being school and college going students as well as those going to private academies) this is the first case of rape of a student…. I think parents must have become even more reluctant about sending their children particularly daughters out of their houses. this situatuion is worrying and for skardu notable for being the land of peace and whatnot this incident is a huge question mark.

  3. So bad news to hear police should take action and arrest the rapist punish them and set and example

  4. The identities of the rapists??
    Why the hell this news didn’t include those names?? Animals donot have a right to privacy.. The press must stand up and make the names public.. No matter how strong or influential their families are. These two rapists must b dragged in public and stoned to death at yadgar chowk. And then you will not need to deploy a policeman with every women in the city.

  5. Thumbs up PT for keeping the name of the victim private.
    I request you to publish the picture of the abusers so that every one should know them and stay alert.

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