Gahkuch: Two Policemen and a murder suspect found dead in a pasture

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Gahkuch, August 18: Two policemen who had been sent from here to a pasture bordering the Diamer district of Gilgit-Baltistan to arrest a murder suspect have been found dead, along with the alleged murderer.

According to reports in the regional media, the dead bodies of Ubaidullah and Zahid Hussain, the policemen, have been found in Sarga Nallah. The body of the murder suspect identified as Akbar, a resident of Tangir Valley (Diamer) has also been found.

The policemen were chasing Akbar, who is accused of killing his cousin named Qadeer, a resident of Silpi village.

The policemen and the murder suspect had been missing for three days and a contingent of police was searching for them.

The exact circumstances surrounding the founding of the bodies remain unclear. A number of police officials have gone to the area where the bodies were found to investigate the issue, it has been learnt.

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  1. Present DC of Ghizer Rai Manzoor has earned a good name through streamlining the systems and utilization of human resources properly. If all Dcs of relevant districts would ensure the accountability of Govt officials the institutions can become sustain and revival. I would expect with all DCS to held quarterly meetings with department heads to ensure service delivery to public on behalf of their departments. First of all they would have to present their office as role model in following office routines ( 8 hours duty duration), service delivery and in accountability as well.

    We all well wishers of GB appreciates the innovative approaches of Rai Manzoor sab DC ghizer for setting a good example of reducing corruption like drawing salaries from Govt without service or doing personal jobs at the cost of Govt.

    It is hoped he would develop a concrete strategy to discourage intruders or criminals entering from various parts in to ghizer.

    Death of innocent people like police or others are also alarming and challenging for all leadership and management of relevant areas.

    We all are extremely glad to notice that present Chief secretary raja sultan sikendar is also keen to develop GB and trying his best to ensure the service delivery as well. Still the following areas needs to be focused on :

    1. Basic human rights violation needs to be discourage and stop like people are still facing issues in water and food . Common people are not receiving their proper share and these basic human needs are also distributed on the bases of various affiliations not equality and equity bases. This menace needs to be crushed and discouraged as soon as possible.
    2. Office routines at all levels are not followed properly that also indicates towards bad governance of self governance of GB.Competent and honest professionals only change this attitude of their staff through mentoring ,monitoring and counseling as well.
    3. Merit needs to be sustaining in all routines whether this is promotion, transferee, or recruitment as well.
    4. Funds should be properly utilized on development of GB and if any fund of GB lapse it means leadership as well as management has no any interest with GB or GB people. A single village needs billion rupees to call it a normal village through building its infrastructure like canals, roads, schools, public places and hospitals as well. Even Govt can help the vulnerable group through many interventions to reduce their frustration and bring into main stream.
    For ensuring the implementation of above facts The top management of GB needs honest and competent as well as committed professionals like Present DC Ghizer Rai Manzoor etc.

    We hope and expect with chief secretary sab to work more with the coordination of his committed team to develop GB a model zone of Country and continue his mentoring and monitoring system to make the Govt institutions more useful and beneficial for public as well.
    Ali Mehr
    Social activist GB

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