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Group of employees refuses to work under “abusive” Deputy Commissioner of Ghizar

Gilgit, March 10: A group of govt employees in the Ghizar District have signed a resolution against what they have called ‘mistreatment’ and ‘mental torture’ at the hands of the Deputy Commissioner. The employees have accused the DC, who is the administrative head of the district, of being exploitative and abusive. The employees have demanded to be transferred out of the district.

The resolution goes on to mention that the employees are stressed and that two of their colleagues have had ‘heart-strokes’ in the past due to severe work load and mistreatment.

They have also accused the DC of demeaning the staff in front of visitors and asking them to be present in the office at odd hours.

The employees have said that based on the alleged ‘mistreatment’, they have decided to not work for the DC anymore.

A delegation of the employees also called on the caretaker Chief Minister and other high officials yesterday to lodge complaint against the Deputy Commissioner.

Some people have said that the employees are overplaying and that they are trying to build pressure against the DC because he is strict and expects results from the employees.

By any standards, this is a unique case of subordinates ‘revolting’ against a higher official.

5 thoughts on “Group of employees refuses to work under “abusive” Deputy Commissioner of Ghizar

  1. The Chief Secretary office must thoroughly investigated the matter and do the needful to remove the grievances of concerned staff. It’s simply unacceptable to abuse staff on pretext of one or other ground. It is also expected that concern government servants will concentrate on their work.

  2. We GBians salute these employees for showing courage to resist the inhuman behaviour of these Panjabies. We want local people instead. These outsiders think GB is a safe place for their malpractices. i request the local jounalists not to promote these patwaries from down Pakistan.

  3. This is really bad…these evidence appears to be a commonplace event in every office of Gilgit-Baltistan…where some of the so called “educated” officers humiliate the common people on daily basis. Even the treatment of lower staff with common people are generally very rude….It is really high time to review their such policies of maltreatment, be it is the concerned with staff or general public…

  4. In this modern technology age rationalization and logic is given more importance than rumoring as well. Research and evidence base arguments can be helpful for convincing people and attract the sympathies of mass.

    I was shocked to notice that the staff of Dc Ghizer have become aggrieved with his harsh attitude. As neutral and social analyst I want to share the facts and findings as well as my own perception and findings on this case.

    1. I have never ever heard before this DC who has challenged the routines and corruption and had intended to bring reforms in system. As human being DC may be have improvement areas regarding to dealing staff but openly I would say this DC has great devotion with the people of Ghizer and area as well. He is interested to ensure service delivery to public on the spot. This has become challenge for staff as their routines has been challenged.
    2. Many employees were at home and drawing salary from Govt or GB treasury and nobody was there to ask why this type of corruption is happening. This is the first DC whether he may be Punjabi or sindi or GBIAN who pooled all the human resources and streamline the system. Why our own GBIAN DC has not done this job it means they had also hide the corruption or dislike to staff make aggressive.
    3. We all GBIANS rely on service delivery and appreciates those officers or leaders who are assuming their duty effectively and efficiently. If this DC would be remain silent and encourage the corruption than we became glad that all is going well as he or she is not teasing our staff.
    4. To work for 8 hours is the prime duty of every employee if he spares more than 8 hours it means he has devotion with area that he or she is working at extra time. If employee is compelled to work more than official hours then he can claim for over time as well. But for this there will be also a procedure as well to convey their request to higher authorities.
    5. The main thing I got opportunity to visit DC office in 2014 regarding an important revenue issue and scenario was as follows:
    – DC sab was on official field visit and I could not meet him.
    – It was 3pm and almost half staff had left for home and half were standing in the garden to go home. Only three persons were found working in their desks.
    – I asked with standing staff who are you and why are you here in standing position in the garden. Is office off timing is not 4 pm. They told me yes office off timing is 4 pm. However they become startled on my questioning. I also shared this scenario in pamir times comments that it will take time to institutionalize the systems and creating working environment and service delivery culture in offices.
    6. At last but no least As our present Chief secretary sultan Sikender raja and his team like Manzoor rai and other teams as well are working to develop GB to a greater level by following incomplete projects that had not done by our former political leaders but we are here to put allegations on such honest and committed professionals who are always devoting their self for GB. We all should put our contribution to develop GB and stand with all well wishers of GB.
    7. If any of our Indian brothers works in GB for welfare of people and relies on service delivery we should extend our cooperation with him until and unless his conspiracy or traitor reveals. We should think globally and act locally.
    8. My humble request with employees would be DC sab would never tease you all without any justification or reason you will have to bring changes in your behavior as well because DC is serving for Ghizer people and Ghizer development not for Lahore. I would request of Ghizer elites if there are any to satisfy the staff and reduce their grievances l through coordination of relevant authorities.

    GB and all well doers of GB zinda bad

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