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MYRO survey shows 41% youth likely to vote for PTI in Gilgit-Baltistan

Islamabad, March 19: In a survey conducted by MountainTV.Net and Mountain Youth Resource and Social Welfare Organization (MYRO), around 41 percent of the respondents based in Gilgit city have said that they will vote for PTI in the 2015 elections. Vast majority of the respondents who see PTI favorably fall in the 21-36 age bracket.

20.5 percent (82 respondents out of a sample of 400 individuals, including 41% female in total), have said that they will vote for PMLN. Most of the respondents have said that PMLN is likely to form a government in GB.

PPP has lost a lot of support, apparently. Only around 10 percent of the respondents have expressed the willingness to vote for PPP. The performance of PPP government has been rated as poor and very poor by 56% of the respondents. Around 65% respondents have said that the quality of life under the PPP govt either worsened or did not improve at all.

General Musharraf’s APML, apparently, has more support than PPP in the region, at the moment.

Despite of all the rhetoric, the religious parties according to the survey do not have a lot of support for the upcoming elections.

The complete survey can be downloaded HERE

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