Security: KKH Convoy System Cannot Be Stopped, DC Mansehra tells media

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Isalmabad: The administration of Hazara Division has announced that the convoy system in their jurisdiction will not be ended. They have said that they cannot compromise the security of the passengers.

“We cannot endanger the lives of people traveling from various parts of country to Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa via Karakoram Highway. For that reason, the divisional administration has decided not to end vehicle convoy system in the areas under its jurisdiction,” Mansehra deputy commissioner Amer Khattak has told DAWN.

“The convoy is not allowed to operate even at night for security reasons. Until we are not sure about the safety of passengers, we cannot lift ban on the nighttime movement of vehicles in the division,” he said. Khattak said the government won’t go for steps, which could put the people’s life at risk.

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  1. GBIANS need attention of PTI Leader Imran Khan & Pervaz Khattack CM of KPK and Governor of KPK along with federal and GB Government

    We were too much optimistic about PTI and its leadership in ensuring service delivery to public and establishing reform society in our beloved country. But we all GB people were extremely shocked to read this news that KPK Govt is not ready to ensure safety of GB passenger during travelling at night time. Here the question arises whether KPK is not part of Pakistan, Is there any no go area in Pakistan where the people are not allowed to travel at night with in country. I think Our Pakistani passengers might have travelling through India as well in Indian bus but GB people are not allowed to travel at night to coup their destination.
    Here I would never say who is wrong, I would openly say what is wrong and who is responsible of wasting of our GB precious days and years where we spent in waiting for conveyed. Here I want to share how much time of GB People is wasted.

    1. Daily waiting hours 5 hours by 5000 people= 25000 hours

    Days 25000/24 = 1042 days

    Years =1042/365= 3 years

    2. Monthly waiting time= 3×30 = 90 years

    3. Yearly waiting time =90x 12 =1080 Years

    We are loosing 1080 years in a year and all this is result of unaccountability of all stake holders whether that is Gb or federal or KPK Govt or administration as well.
    If all the concerned authority is assuming that we are protecting the lives of 1.33 million people of Gb for not allowing to travel at night means already you are wasting our 1080years of 5000 people that is also likely to target killing where we loose our three years in one night waiting on KKH whether that is Besham or Mansehera as well.
    If it is lacking towards KPK government then we would say PTI is not interested in welfare of Pakistanies or GB people. If it is lacking towards GB Govt or Federal Govt than my question would be why are we deprived of living with honour and freedom where travelling is also confined.

    My humble request with KPK government & Imran khan is that ensure safety of GB passengers in KPK jurisdiction and prove the statement of Quaid ‘S Pakistan and establishment of welfare state. If u do not have any concern with GB people let us decide our self and do not stop us on the way for waiting conveys. Even in convoys 4 to 5 vehicles are allowed to travel. Imran khan sab please take it serious and find amicable solution as soon as possible and play your role to save the precious ages of GB people.


    Ali Mehr
    Social analyst

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