Renowned singer Salahuddin Hasrat given life sentence in murder case

Gilgit, April 19: Salahuddin Hasrat, a very well-known singer and poet of Shina language, has been sentenced to life in prison after a case of murder was proved against him. The sentence was announced today by a session court in Gilgit.

According to details, Sallahuddin Hasrat’s role in the killing of Syed Shamsuddin Rizvi, who was murdered in Gilgit on 31st May 1992, was proved after hearings stretching for several years. Case number 203 had been registered in the Gilgit police station after the murder. Rizvi was an uncle of the former member of GBLA Agha Raziuddin Rizvi.

An accused named Shaukat was acquitted by the court.

Hasrat can challenge the verdict in the Chief Court of Gilgit-Baltistan within a week.

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