9 terrorists killed, 4 soldiers of Chitral Scouts embrace martyrdom, in border clash: DC Lower Chitral

CHITRAL: 9 TTP terrorists were neutralized and up to 40 are injured, while 4 soldiers of the paramilitary force Chitral Scouts have embraced martyrdom and 7 soldiers are injured in an exchange of fire in the border area of Low Chitral District.

The details were confirmed by Deputy Commissioner of Lower Chitral district in a media statement, saying the attacks took place on two posts of Chitral Scouts in Ostai and Jinjiret Koh areas of Lower Chitral.

Earlier, there were reports of exchange of fire between TTP terrorists and soldiers of the Chitral Scouts paramilitary force in the border areas of Lower Chitral district. The exchange of fire reportedly started at around 4am.

Additional forces of Pakistan Army were deployed to assist the paramilitary forces and repulse any furhter attack from across the border in Kunar area of Afghanistan, said local sources.

District administration has denied reports that TTP terrorist have infiltrated into the border areas and captured villages.

Chitral Scouts has also denied the reports through a press release. They have said that soldiers of Chitral Scouts, Pakistan Army and Chitral Police are ready to counter any incursion.

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