Chilasi child murdered- by Jinnaat or Pari Zaad or Adam Zaad?

Roshan Bano

Ahmed, a 5 year old child from Chilas Valley, got kidnapped and was found dead (RIP). Parents contacted exorcist(Amil) with confidence and belief, exorcist(Amil) and cleric announced Jin has kidnapped and murdered child, parents believed blindly, the  police and state representatives of the area  also agreed!

Isn’t it ridiculous, funny, stupid? No it’s painful, agonizing, anguishing

Do you also agree that Jin has kidnapped and murdered the child?

But I don’t agree! It’s neither Jinnaat, nor Parizaad. Rather, Adam zaad seems to be the sole murderer of the child !

Adam Zaad in form of the kidnapper, murderer!

Adam Zaad in form of Amils and Babas!

Adam Zaad in form of political representatives and leaders!

Adam Zaad in form of human right activists!

Adam Zaad in form of civil society organizations!

Adam jaad in form religious leaders, religious organizations!

None of aforementioned ADAM JAAT has paid any attention, shown any interest, put any efforts for socio economic and socio-cultural development of Chilasi Society.  It is still primitive one drown in darkness, backwardness and ignorance! And as result such dreadful incidents occur now and then.

Why the Chilasi Society is deprived of rationality, reason and logic and slave of superstition, orthodoxy, irrationality, backwardness and ignorance?

In reply don’t say that Chilasi Society is rigid. Chilasiz respond to interventions with resentment and opposition!

It’s just an excuse! Which else society had been progressive and developed since its birth? Every society had been rigid, primitive initially so is Chilas and its no exception. Societies evolved gradually with time and became progressive and developed as a result of exposure, interventions, assimilation etc. But Chilasi Society could not evolve and progress because no one has invested anything towards its upliftment.

Historically all human societies have been primitive, superstitious, and irrational!  It is justifiable for any society of ancient times to be in that state of utter ignorance. Because there was lack of knowledge and other resources as humankind has just started life and in initial stages of evolution. By then most of the human societies around the globe were scattered, isolated and separated from one another by long distances. There were no ways or channels for any exchange, communication, transportation!

But why this act of ignorance is happening in this era of globalization and knowledge society. It is not justifiable from any angle. When bulk of knowledge and resources, technologies are available! When there are all kind of ways and channels for exchange, communicate and transport!

Alas! The people in realms of power and authority are neither interested nor willing to uplift the society!  They so called leaders(political and religious), activists, and organizations have authority, resources and exposure but not will, sincerity, sense of responsibility to serve the backward and marginalized! They are pushing them into yet more ignorance and backwardness!

I don’t blame child’s parents neither Chilasi community for the way they approached and reaction towards Loss of innocent child’s life. The ignorant mentality and the psyche of that community is reflection of the magnitude of negligence we ADAM JAAT (in all forms mentioned above) have been showing towards the upliftment of that Chilasi Society for more than 60+ years!

Mere Punishment is not the solution!  Cure for alleviating such problems lies only in educating mindsets, investment in socio-economic upliftment, socio-cultural enlightenment that will in turn bring attitudinal and behavioral changes in society. Its gradual phenomenon and requires strong will, genuine efforts, perseverance, sincerity!

So Sorry Ahmed !

May we get up from slumber and save living Ahmeds !

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  1. If Parents and amil believed so it is understandable because of their backwardness but police and state representative?? What’s wrong with them ? Instead of carrying an investigation they are looking for easy way out. Shame on them.

  2. Be ready Chilasi Police, GB Politicians and aamils also, to kidnapped by Jinaat of chilas Mountains… Jinaat are waiting for you anxiously….

    Really sorry Ahmad…

  3. religious dogmas, cultural absurdities and empty rituals have undermined the very roots of human morals which, we see our affinities every day…think to ponder… i should elucidate my statement that Ahmad has been murdered in the hands of any ferocious human being….

  4. These people do not disclose the facts, I they have seen the murder themselves, If mother and father of this child are taken to any other place out of their town and assure them, that they are secure facts can easily be revealed, But if Jan Baz has said jinnat has killed him, he will try to prove it

  5. 2 Days ago Special Envoy of Jin and Pari zad Leading by there chief minister meet me and expressed grief and sorrow over the murder of Innocent Child.

    While condemning the incident of violence Minister reiterated that steps must immediately be taken for providing better security to children’s in schools and other public places so that such incidents can be avoided in future.

    He extended condolences to the bereaved family and prayed that Allah almighty may bless the departed soul with eternal bliss.

    He said it is the government’s responsibility to find the attackers and bring them to the book, adding that terrorists should be caught no matter where they are.

  6. our society has been obsessed with superstitious beliefs and that is why v have left behind in reasoning, logic and scientific thoughts.

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