Latest photographs of the Karakuram Highway which has now been opened for traffic

The Karakuram Highway has been opened for traffic after hard work of the Frontier Works Organization (FWO), the National Highways Authority (NHA) and a Chinese company engaged in repair and maintenance of the Karakruam Highway between Thakote and Raikot. Photographs shared by Rehmat Karim who traveled on the KKH today and took these photographs of blockades caused by rock falls and rock-slides.

Karakuram Highway Gilgit (1)
Fallen rocks liter the KKH
Karakuram Highway Gilgit (2)
The KKH passes through the Hazara region of KPK before entering Gilgit-Baltistan at Bhasha and moving onward China’s Xinjiang region

Karakuram Highway Gilgit (4)
Passengers helping the driver navigating his car through a pile of rocks

Karakuram Highway Gilgit (5)
Rock slides are the most common cause of road blockage in this part of the country
Karakuram Highway Gilgit (6)
Patches of road with smaller pieces of rocks are easy to lift, and often the passengers themselves clear the road in such areas
Karakuram Highway Gilgit (8)
Small vehicles, cars, jeeps, can cross easily through
Karakuram Highway Gilgit (10)
Transmission lines of electricity have also been destroyed
Karakuram Highway Gilgit (11)
A traveler standing on the pile of rocks blocking the KKH
Karakuram Highway Gilgit (12)
Many villages are without electricity in the Kohistan area due to destruction of electricity pylons
Karakuram Highway Gilgit (13)
Rock fall and landslide are frequent on the KKH mostly during rainfall
Karakuram Highway Gilgit (15)
The KKH is the economic lifeline for the people of Gilgit and Baltistan. Its closure for longer periods often leads to shortage of edible and other products in the GB region. An alternate route has been created through Babusar Pass, but it generally remains closed during the winters
Karakuram Highway Gilgit (16)
The Karakuram Highway had been constructed by Pakistani and Chinese engineers by cutting through hard rocks
Karakuram Highway Gilgit (18)
Many people believe that due to access use of explosives during construction of the KKH, the mountains have become cracked and vulnerable

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