Islamabad-the peaceful capital

By Tazeen Hoda

I don’t believe we need any such reason to visit the beautiful city of Islamabad. It is the country’s capital and the most peaceful city. Do you still don’t feel the need to pay a visit to Islamabad. Let me help you change your opinion.

Scenic beauty

Islamabad has a serene environment and is mostly quiet. This is what we need to indulge in the scenic beauty of the capital. It is famous for the greenery and beautiful sights that would interest every peace lover.

Monuments and museums

Islamabad is home to some of the most stunning monuments and mosques like Shah Faisal Mosque, Daman-e-Koh, the National Monument, Lok Virsa Museum and much more that represent our history.

Tourist attractions

Lake View Park, Saidpur Village, Centaurus Mall are some man-made attractions that provide you huge amusement. Other attractions include Rawal Lake, Margalla Hills, Shakar Parian and much more.


Islamabad is a city that experiences all four seasons moderately where you can enjoy each of it. However, winter is the best season that can be enjoyed in Islamabad in my opinion.


You can find the best hotels in Islamabad as it has a variety and the maximum investments by hospitality industry players. There is a range of hotels to cheap guesthouses. 5 star hotels in Islamabad include Serena hotels, Pearl Continental hotel, Marriott Hotel and many more.

Restaurants and food

Monal restaurant is the most famous eatery that is a must go. It is situated on the Margalla Hills and provides you with beautiful sights and delicious food. Apart from restaurants, food streets are also very famous like Melody food street.

Best Hotels in Islamabad

If your view changed, then plan a trip to Islamabad this winter and end the year with an invigorating vacation.

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