14 places you must visit in Gojal Valley, Hunza

By Sadaf Karim

Gojal Valley is the upper part of District Hunza. Starting from Shishkat, the valley stretches up to the Sino-Pak border. Here are some of the many places that you can visit while visiting the valley.

Pak-China Friendship Tunnels – Shishkat

Entrance of the Pak-China Friendship Tunnel in Shishkat

Dammed Hunza River (Attabad Lake)

Remains of the Ondra Walled Village – Gulmit

Remains of an ancient settlement. Best location for photography enthusiasts, because 360 degree view of the entire valley stretching from Shishkat to Passu is clearly visible

Gulmit Tower

Gulmit Tower, 5180 meters high, has yet to be climbed

Ghulkin/Hussaini Glacier

With little help from local guides, you can easily walk through a 2.5 km stretch of the glacier

Borit Lake

Hussaini Suspension Bridge


Shimshal Valley

Bouybar (Avgarch)


Baba-e-Ghund’s Shrine (Chipursan Valley)

The last human settlement before you move to Afghanistan

Kilik & Mintika Pass (Misgar)

The Kilik and Mintika pass will lead you to Afghanistan and China

Khunzhrav National Park (Sino-Pak border)

And here are you, right at the gate to China

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