Gilgit - Baltistan

Committee submits report on history and aspirations of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan

A committee formed by Gilgit-Baltistan’s Chief Secretary to prepare a document on the history of GB, boundaries and treaties signed so far, and future constitutional status has submitted its final report to the relevant authority.

The committee [sic] recommends “interim or provisional status to Gilgit-Baltistan with right of vote and representation in Parliament of Pakistan” as best possible option. For this purpose, necessary legislation and amendment in 1973 Constitution can be made, as permissible vide para 1 (2) (d) of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973. Since representation in the National Assembly is based on population ratio, conveniently three elected representatives, one each for three divisions, i.e. Gilgit, Baltistan and Diamer respectively. While one women seat can be kept for Gilgit Baltistan. For representation in the Senate of Pakistan, Gilgit-Baltistan may be considered as an interim federating unit with due recognition and representation as in case of other federating units. Pakistan can justify itsstance, asIndia has already extended its constitutional jurisdiction to the part of Jammu and Kashmir under its administrative control, including Laddakh region. Moreover, Kashmir issue also remains unhurt due to interim nature of the provision.

Subsidiary Recommendations

1) Extension of bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan, bringing GB under wider judicial umbrella.

2) Establishment of institutions like office of Provincial Public Service Commission, Provincial Ombudsman, office of Provincial Consolidated Fund, etc, as permissible under the Constitution of Pakistan 1973.

3) Due representation of GB in NFC award and other national level forums, having representation of federating units.

4) Determination of due share / royalty of projects of national magnitude, like Diamer Basha Dam, Bunji hydel project and mineral, tourism and water resources.

5) Safeguarding economic interests of GB in Pak-China Economic Corridor project.

The committee comprised of Brig (r) Hissamullah Baig, Professor Usman Ali, Sherbaz Barcha, AIG (r) Dilpazir, Col (r) Imtiaz SI(M), Qasim Naseem and Israruddin Israr. The report is available at the link below. download-4

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  1. Now it is time to prove worth its salt when the much cried over of the distant dream of state and status has come nearby. Test case for locales and its leadership to play it for all its worth and play it worth of thing dreamed about what it will bring and make it a worthwhile in every aspect.

  2. Govt should provide at lest one set for every district. Other wise i dn’t think their would be any value of only three sets in national assembly.

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