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Nepotism mars NHA & NA Police recruitments

by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, September 12: High level nepotism and favouritism in recruitments for government jobs is not a novel phenomenon in Gilgit-Baltistan. Majority of the recruitment in public organzations are being made on sectarian and regional basis, by organised pressure groups and mafias, present in administration, bureaucracy and political systems of the region.

According to some reports, there are more than fifteen hundred (1,500) police personnel from a single village of Gilgit as compared to less than one hundred and fifty (150) personnel from all over Hunza. According to some reliable sources, only 6 persons have been appointed from Hunza for NHA police, to be deployed for the security of Chinese engineers and labours engaged in the expansion of KKH. It is pertinent to note that Hunza being the most affected region. from Khunjerab top, to Nasirabad and beyond, due to expansion of KKH is sacrificing valuable land for the sake of collective development. However, jobless youth, qualifying on merit, are left behind as the influential put their kith and kin in, both, key positions and mundane work positions.

Public circles have condemed the violation of merit and demanded for neutral, high level, investigations in recruitment procedures of Northern Area Police.

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  1. This social bug is relatively high (unfortunately) in Gilgit-Baltistan in which persons are hired through sectarian and political pressure groups and 100% fake appointments are being done when hiring process is given to local establishment in Gilgit. All proviences have public service commissions why such an institution is not established yet in Gilgit Baltistan? Admissions to professional institutions in the country for meritocratic students of the region are also under the influence of these groups in the region due to which many talented students suffer every year. Apart, these when we look into the organizational structure of public sector institutions, NGOs and business entities including tour operators, hotels, etc, of the region, no entity is left safe from this social virus. For example, look into employee structure of the said firms and institutions, you will certainly found many Chacha-bahteeja’s within the same entity. Tendency is also can be seen among senior level managers at public and private organizations outside the region hiring or favoring persons who are their relative or like-minded ideology.
    Keeping it “all in the family:” does nepotism in the hiring process really benefit the beneficiary?-It is really a difficult question to answer! Apart of this, the adverse impacts of the act on overall a progressive meritocratic society are far way and long lasting.

  2. where are the journalist who have dare to expel the fraud and fake officers and those who are found ill for a society. It is not a new phenomenon against hunza and gojal,specially in the government sectors no one is going to care about the hunza gojal.
    you people know why is this so…….we people have shown less rather zero resistance against any injustice happening with us.Our elders have taught us to be polite and tolerant but this has given them a wrong message that the hunza-gojal people are coward and easy to be pressurized. Our seniors who have enough strength to play any role are just busy with their own businesses and family matters.No time for the people of their area.
    this is a right time to raise a voice against those who are involved in this conspiracy…………….i would like the elders and Mashoooor Shakhsiaaats of Hunza Gojal to either do some thing or stop making show off that they are really some thing a hero like personalities,(even a coward can show off in his own vicinity)

  3. It really makes me to think several times about what we are doing and where we are standing. The sectarian clashes and the differences created based on sects and different schools of interpretations have already spoiled the beauty of the region and have created many hindrances in the way to progress.
    Differences must be there but for something constructive, if we really talk in the context of diversity. We believe that diversity can be strength if it is understood and perceived with this kind of notion. Unfortunately we have been trying to create differences just to endanger each other’s self esteem and self respect. The bad practices of ignorance have deep roots in the very core of our thoughts and imaginations and this is what has been creating many mis sense and nonsense problems.
    The high level nepotism and favoritism persistent in the region like tumerous cells of a diseased body will engulf the entire activeness and stability of the region if not overlooked for amendments and cure.
    The big problem so far is the mind set and the level of acceptance. We are no doubt more conservative and rigid in various parameters and it will take more time to expect something positive and constructive.
    We are not ready at any cost to accept each other as the dwellers of the same region. The various factors involved are the sectarian, lingual, and regional .Everyone wants to promote the one who is closer to him/her by any means putting aside the real essence of competition and meritocracy.
    These kinds of practices will really endanger the fate of the region in the long run as the compromise on quality and standard is the habit of the coward and does not leads any kind of progress and positivity.
    We are more concerned about individuals and groups rather than mass and collective move for better future prospects is hindered by the differences created based on sects, regions and languages.
    My request from the well wishers, thinkers, intellectuals and notables of the region will be to take a notice of the earnest matters which need immediate and justified response in the best interest of the people of the region rather than a group.
    Aslam Khan Ghalib

  4. Dear Zulfiqar

    Thank you for exposing such high levels of embezzlements and corruption in the two departments. you have indeed done a great job. your report will contribute towards reducing such menaces of sectarianism and nepotism.

    Aafiyat Nazar

  5. We’ve Got to do smthing abt tht DUDEs……why dont we strive to take senior positions….n…..let the sipai…..follow

    its a Damn Serious issue…..n we are in a position to think n act strategically!!!

    Just Keep Your Brains active and we’ll get chances to Address this Issue at a later stage…..effectively

  6. The seeds of sactarianism sewed during the past dacades have now penetrated throughout every quarter of our society. Out civil society is the prime target of this menace. You just go to any kind of office in Gilgit-Baltistan and you will find dozons dealing you looking at your background. Marit is no where to be found and favouritism and nepotism is rampant everywhere.

    The service quality of these departments could never be achieved where favouritism and nepotism is there at such a large scale. This gives justification to import bureaucrates from south,who also associate themselves on the lines of sectarianism adding more feul to the situation.

  7. i am wordless here……..reading Khatak’s article,then the response of Abbass and now ??????? this is the crux of our failur to identify ourslf.the culture of favourtism ,neptism and aristocracy has rooted deep in every sphere of life,it is nevagating us to failur rather prosperity!!!!!!!!! this is only cause of polarization in the region. this trend will lead us to super failure in the to clutch it is now the time for the youths to bring unity to surpass it otherwise the entire society will be opressed in few hands forever.and big guns for heaven sack open your eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
    i obeserved non of the high positioned people post their comments on such crucial issues, i am bambooozled why not???

  8. good luck ur page is full with ur mother land ‘s informations keep going it and spread the bueaty of gbl throughout the glob

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