Naltar: School destroyed due to chopper crash last year needs attention

The Public School destroyed after chopper fell on it in the Natlar Valley of District Gilgit in May 2015 remains unattended. No repair or reconstruction work has been started. These self explanatory photographs depict the situation of the school. More than 400 students, according to local sources, are suffering because of the loss of the facilities. The locals of Naltar have urged the government of Gilgit-Baltistan to start repair or reconstruction work at the site.

Naltar: School destroyed during chopper crash accident 10 mont…Naltar: School destroyed during chopper crash accident 10 months ago needs attention of authorities. Watch Abdul Rehman Abdul Rahman Bukhari and cameraman Munawar Hussain Nagri’s special report

Posted by PAMIR TIMES on Friday, 26 February 2016

Photos by Abdul Rehman Bukhari 



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