Mera Naam Hay Saqafat – میرا نام ہے ثقافت

Roshan Bano


Human Heart: (with excitement) Hi Culture.

I am human heart. Nice to hear your voice. Can I see you please? I am so eager to meet you.

Culture: You can not see me for I don’t have a physical form. I am invisible, intangible, abstract!

Human Heart: (an invisible thing has so much control on every human act! I can’t believe this. SAQAFAT! Wasy naam or awaz dhono may dum hey)

Sure! I am fine with it. As I said I am human heart .I reside in every human body- Transvestite, Men, Women,

I supply purified blood to every human organ .that way I am in constant coordination and contact with every organ of human body till it breaths its last and…….

Culture: Pause! You need not to tell me about yourself. I know everything about you.

Human Heart: (surprisingly) you know me? But it’s our first encounter! How do you know me?

Culture: I reside in Human Brain. And you supply blood to brain as well! I am always there; you can’t see me because I am invisible.

Human Heart: Wow- You reside in human brain. Brain! That’s the organ that distinguishes humans against rest of species of animal kingdom! Its learning capacity- intellect makes humans the superior creatures on the earth!

Culture: Human Brain-that’s where I reside in. I play pivotal role in forming and governing the human mentality/psych.

Human Heart:

So Culture-I knew about your name but not your role and whereabouts in human society!

Now I came to know your role and whereabouts- that you reside in Human Brain – and contribute in forming and governing human mentality/psych.

Now I can figure out that only residing in BRAIN you manage to have so much of control, power, authority, dictatorship in human society!  You are the mightiest force in determining in human acts!

Crazy and insane things  are happening in human society in your name. You have set rules for human society! Human society is your slave.

You force human crush its emotions, feelings, sentiments, instincts, desires out of your fear.

You force human shun logic, reason and rationality out of your fear.

Culture: so much anger and rage towards me! Cool down please!

After all               !ثقافت ہے  نام  ميرا

(Joke apart)Dear Human Heart – you are being judgmental. Don’t blame me for everything that occurs in human society. Do not blame me for everything that human do. Go and have a meeting with Human Brain.   You will come to know there are other Invisibles and Visibles that influence the HUMAN BRAIN.

Human Heart:

I will definitely ask HUMAN BRAIN about those   VISIBLES and INVISIBLES dictating it!  By the way how do you know about them?

Culture: Because I am nothing without those VISIBLES and INVISIBLES. They created me!  I am just a product of VISIBLES and INVISIBLES!

I am altered, modified and transformed constantly by those VISIBLES and INVISIBLES!

Human Heart: Interesting and puzzling piece of information! Dear Culture- I thought the Mightiest Invisible but you are saying that you are created by other INVISIBLES and VISIBLES.

Please break the suspense and let me know those.


  قدرت ہے  نام  کا   یکا
مزہب  ہے  نام  کا   دوسرے

One is nature Nature and the other one is Religion.

Human Heart: Would you mind explaining Religion and Nature.

Culture: Do I have to tell you everything! I gave you names of VISIBLES and INVISIBLES! Go meet them yourself.

Right now I just want to make it clear to you that don’t point figure at CULTURE for everything humans do. Don’t attribute ever human act, attitude, and behavior to CULTURE! Instead question and criticize Nature and Religion by whom I have been created!

Human Heart: Yes indeed!  I will definitely talk to Religion and Nature.

I must say I enjoyed talking to you. I got new perception about Culture! Thank You


Pleasure. Let me tell you I salute you for saying every human- Transvestite, Men, and Women. You gave new perspective! Thank you.

Do me a favor. Please enlist the things occurring in human society in my name

Human Heart:

Let wait for a free time slot. I will enlist the things happening in name of CULTURE and share with you. Let me meet with Religion and Nature first.


Best of luck for your meeting with Religion and Nature. ! Don’t forget share meeting minutes!

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