Is anyone listening? – Poetry

Is anyone listening? – Poetry

By Shaneeda Sultana

Is anybody listening?

Is anybody listening out there?

I’m dying inside

I’m living right, you know?

I know I ought to shout it

The daylight in the glow

I’m bleeding,

Don’t you know why?

I heard that, Yes, I did

In the darkness, from my window


Is anybody listening?

Does anybody know?

The thing has drained me from inside

This pain is not letting me grow

I heard that, Yes, I did

I know that girl from next door, Yes, I do

I know she smiles n look fine

She eats well and she laughs

I’m telling you she’s not fine

I mean that she’s not fine

Is anybody listening?

Does anybody hear her cry?

Did you notice her wet eyes when everyone was around?

I’d seen her sinking color

The fading in her charm

I’d seen her dying in drops, ‘ve seen her turning white

Is anybody listening out there?

The girl next door is dying

She’s dying down in her soul

The body might be moving

The soul is buried tough

Is anybody listening?????

We need to fix the girl next door

Is anybody listening????

Or is it just me seeing her in her low?

Is anybody listening?

I need you to help her next-door…!!


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