Poem: A Humble Response To Some In The West Who Know Less About Islam

By Karim Khan Hunzai

O, great western men of great letters, media, and academia!
You rightly put claim to have had great men of intelligentsia,
Was it not so in Dark Ages was lost your western civilization?
Was it not the East of yester ages great our eastern civilization?
Oblivious if we are now, less educated, you too were then!
Terror-stricken if you all are now, so we all too were then!

O, you, the great men of the three great Abrahimic religions
Still some more we have pen-Crusades and armed legions
Still some more we have clashes of ignorant civilizations!
Why not get ourselves rid of all such evil feuding nations!
Yes, great West and nostalgic East, we do have solutions!
Yes, great men of letters, we both have such great cautions!

Let’s hope for the best of soft spiritual optimism to reign now!
Let the spiritual calm and serenity replace it and gain, know!
Is revisiting and reviewing earlier observations not scientific?
Are all earlier sciences and philosophies so all-time specific?
To not to have changed and reviewed, critiqued and replaced!
By new paradigm-shifts and theories postulated and discussed!

Is Newtonian physics not already replaced by Quantum Physics?
Have ancient theories not been so or as in Machiavellian politics?
Are Ptolemy and Galileo’s theories not reviewed in Astronomy?
Are Darwin and Marx’s theories not so in evolution and economy?
Alas! Err both of these excluded the soul and God in personal terror!
With the spirit of age, were they not impressed to exclude this in error?

O, soul of great quest, now is high time for spiritual science to reign supreme!
O, great intelligentsia, now is high time for essence-science to reign supreme!
You term para-psychology, as phenomena and explain it away as one un-told!
You call UFOs and astral bodies as phenomena extra-terrestrial yet to unfold!
Spiritual science is beyond human empirical data and is matter-transcending one
All-inclusive, it does not merely rely on sense-specific data and experiments done

It is no mere superstition or psychological disorder, out-dated or schizophrenia
In this science, we talk of spiritualism-specific one-man-five-body paraphernalia
In this science, we talk of heavenly-abode super-humanly souls and their soul rays
They are not like evil spirits we all detest and get afraid of their evil days and ways
In this science, we re-define God and divinity differently to have saintly seen or existed!
If four great physical super-forces have grand-unification theory, why not divinely united!

Much misunderstood is real peace-essence Islam, so is real-spiritual science
Agreed, even its adherents do not understand neither Islam nor this science!
May I dare to question, was Socrates understood or Galileo or any saint or sage
Was Socrates not poisoned, was Galileo not killed or any other great of the age?
Was Jesus not hanged on Cross, or was Marx not derided or great scientists so?

If Shakespeare was, for his thirty-plus books, so memorable,
Why not our Nasear e, for his hundred-plus books, not adorable!
If Marlow was, for his Dr. Faustus, so renowned, remembered
Why not our Naseare, for his being Dr. famous, so remembered!
If Shakespeare was, for his courtly books, so great and unforgettable,
Why not our Naseare, for his epochal ones, not so remarkable!

If the answer is a big yes, then shouldn’t this be the fate of our Naseare to be so (because he poineered in Spiritual Science even in the great Western academic and intellectual circles)

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