3rd annual meeting of Ghulkin Youth Association held, new cabinet selected

Gilgit: The GYAG held its 3rd annual general meeting on 27th March 2016 to put in place new members of its newly formed team and absolving the erstwhile management committee here in Gilgit. The motto and slogan remains same as it has been, “to foster interaction among youth to promote and serve their intellectual, academic, social and recreational interests”. The youth selected president and secretary Wali Ahmed Shah and Nisar Karim respectively while its finance and media coordinator-Abdul Ali remain unchanged.

As the youth are repository of cultural and hereditary depository of values and traditions playing role of bridge between past and future generation, thence it shoulder the onus of passing the enriched heritage of their immediate predecessor to next and have to testify the beacon of light for the successors as generally hoped and expected by public in any society. These role of bridging and road to connect has become quite stark and asking given the rapid rate of population and declining standard of living and erosion of moral fabric owing to some internal as well external inevitable factors. Internally lesser access to quality education leading to lessening professional pursuits whilst externally faced with closed economy and high competitiveness.

The youth newly formed team vowed to rejuvenate and synergize potential positive youth energy to eradicate the impending evils and ills causing blow to budding youth as cherished by their seniors, visualized by poets and asserted by religious scholars.

The gathering resounded with enterprising energy befitting Iqbal’s couplet-
Tu Shaheen Hai Parvaaz Hai Kaam Tera                Tere Saamnay Aasmaan Aur Bhi Hain”.

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