The man who lost 15 family members due to a landslide in Uthoor Bari village of Kohistan

Nazri, the bearded man wearing a traditional hat in the photograph above, is the only surviving member of his family. 15 other members of his family – 8 sons, 4 daughters, wife and his parents, all, are buried under the debris of a massive landslide that hit his village, Uthoor Bari, on 5th April after incessant rainfall.

Twenty three people in total are buried under the debris for more than a week. Yesterday the village was declared a mass grave, and the locals offered in absentia funeral prayers for the 23 people, who are believed to be dead.

Volunteers of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) and police officials can be seen attempting to recover bodies of the 23 people of the village buried under the debris.

Photos by Shamsur Rehman Kohistani

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