Senior citizens celebrate apricot blossom in Gojal

Gulmit: Apricot blossom is in full swing in the valley. Elders of the Gulmit village gathered in a small garden covered with pinkish white apricot flowers. They offered prayers, discussed the past and the future. Photographs by Qasim Ali

Women and men sit to celebrate the arrival of spring. The event was organized by a local unit of the Aga Khan Social Welfare Board, with the aim of engaging the senior citizens in a healthy activity.
Spring Festival (6)
Prayers being offered for good health, prosperity and peace while an aromatic herb called “Supander” in the local language is being burnt
Spring Festival (4)
Elders sit wearing traditional woolen robs
Women singing a folk song
Women singing a folk song
Traditional dance in long woolen robs
Traditional dance in long woolen robs

Spring Festival (3)

Spring Festival (2)
A very peaceful scene

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