Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Black day observed to express solidarity with Kashmiris

By Nisar Ali

Ghanche:On the direction of cheif minister Gilgit Baltistan Hafiz ur Rehman a black day was observed in Khaplu Ghanche to express Solidarity with Kashmiris against Indian aggression in occupied Kashmirs.

A rally was also organized by district administration Ghanche from High School Khaplu to bus stop near Shahamdan Chowk. Politicians, religious leaders , intellectuals, writers, students , employees of some departments and members of civil socities were among the attendees. The participants chanted slogan against the Indian brutality in occupied Kashmir. Addressing to the participants the speakers said ” the Indian brutality and aggression is untolerable in occupied kashmir and they should should stop to shed the bloods of oppressed Kashmiris”.

The speakers also demanded to United Nation for the independence of the Occupied Kasmir.

2 thoughts on “Black day observed to express solidarity with Kashmiris

  1. these days we do not hear much from so called separatists of gilgit baltistan who along with kashmiris always call Pakistan as occupying force and gilgit baltistan is part of Kashmir,,,well done now again killing is on in occupied Kashmir and they need pak help like always then they are quite.each time their hand is under rock and they can not move…..and go through sadabahar or evergreen indian torture,which always just around the corner then …..buckets of tears in the eyes and look towards Pakistan…well done…how good and smart you are? the moment they get .some respite from this killing they will start dancing on the drums,tunes and music of their friend Indians against Pakistan good job…..lets start with gilgit baltistan who are they? all setlers,,yes setlers majority of them Iranians were brought here during british rule 150 yeare ago to help them to control sindh province initially, then they were rewarded and setteled in north of the country ,rest uigers,azbic,tajiks,chinese,turks,area far as rusia and ukrine and many more suddenly today ..motherland ..fatherland ,,,kashmiris like them came same tim as them they are central Asians,some Iranians,som pathans,some kurds …setlers but suddenly motherland blouchistan so called blouchis are not blouchis but Kurdish setlers…they are kurds came here less than 500 years ago for shelter as nomadic desert wonderers with truck loads of sheeo,donkeys,goats and bakra’z..but suddenly… motherland like you…. fatherland and became mazloom Kurdish setlers…..pathans came here 800 years ago from Babylon,they are bani israil,nomadic tribes with sheep,goats,donkeys lambs,bakra’z and bakri’z and do’t forget camels and khachharz….but suddenly motherland…fatherland…dady/aunty/dada… well done setlers.all indian faces in Punjab and sindh were brought here during british rule to change history of MEHRGARH/INDUSVALLY/GHANDARA…..hello…. now you understand the real name of that great and most ancient one and first land of islam THE INDUS VALLY..GHANDARA..MEHRGARH not Pakistan.the real history of that land is totally different was never ..never and I spit with hatered and never..ever part of india…it had one more province called khurasan where these pathan were allowed to stay,there was no countary existed as Afghanistan.indus vally is for 15000 years is muslim countary rest what you hear is an attempt to … that all you setlers can justify your stay there.80% population of the country is setlers….we natives of indus vally are 20% and watching all these setlers playing these stupid monkey games make sure publish my coment….but it is harsh truth so .oh setlers in my land and make sure keep spitting poison and hatered against this land oh setlers… more thing green and whit flag is oldest flag in the history it is flag of indus vall not Pakistan….make sure respond to it and I will tell you more truth abouth what indus vally is…as far as Kashmiri setlers country is being used to protect them and wage war after war for them and make the whole world enemy for them..and keep spending money allow millions of them to stay and buy my indus vally..yes wait when they spit more poison against my country……IAM MEHRGARH IAM INDUS VALLY IAM GHANDARA IAM PUNJAB IAM SINDH IAM BLOUCHISTAN IAM SARHAD YES SARHAD….IAM KHURASAN………IT IS land of meer simbad bin sindhbad,meer khan ardas,meer qazilbash,meer chagh,khan fonas,khan almas,,,,,,it is sindh

  2. ask Pakistan again to launch international compaign,,,,after few days when situation settles chant against Pakistan ….is bad…. gilgit baltistan is part of Kashmir…. and start dancing on tunes of indian friends…thats what happens to setlers as you ,got no sense of maturity and confused you people are settler here and today motherland bebeland,,,,ok then why do’t you talk about MIRPUR,MUZAFFAR ABAD,BAGH,RAVLA COT now you understand they were all parts of Punjab before….were just given …..our mazloom Kashmiri brothers….oh yeah u deleted my previous post in which I have mention briefly real history of indusvally ….all u people are setlers hide your identitity….as soon as you get respite from indian torture you and them become one against us …..long live indusvally

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