Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Shiekh Mohsin: An Illustrious Philanthropist

Sikandar Ali Shigri

Have our government and security agency watchdogs become blind that they cannot differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong, peaceful citizen and terrorist, a philanthropist and a havoc creating person?

Earlier this month before the Moharram government has issued the list of more than 2000 people whose names were included in the ‘fourth schedule’. This list was totally controversial and anomalous that it was criticized by the majority of the people because along the names of terrorists some uncontroversial and revered personalities names were also enlisted in it. Some deceased people were also observed there in the list. Such names are also seen whose entire life was pristine and transparent in all respect having no links with any political or any other suspicious group. These factors made the list highly controversial.

People whose name were enlisted in the fourth schedule are continuously under the observation of the security agencies and their activities are monitored. Their CNIC’s have been blocked. Their accounts have been suspended. They cannot attend any public gathering, seminar, hotel or any other public places. They cannot leave their respective cities without the permission of the high authorities. They are continuously monitored round the clock. These steps are taken under the Anti-Terrorism Act of Pakistan 1997.

We are of the opinion to curb all the above restrictions to the one who is a terrorist and who pervades mayhem among the citizens or instigates terror acts or any other activity which is deleterious and detrimental for the security of the nation and the citizens. Or who perils the interests of the nation. But what if a philanthropist, a social activist, and a peaceful person is treated like the terrorists and vicious persons by including his name in the fourth schedule. Is it justice? Is it equality? Is this called good governance?

Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi’s name was also included in above said list, who is an illustrious and an eminent religious scholar, Mufassir-e-Quraan and the most prominently a philanthropist and a kind hearted person. All his accounts have been suspended. All his properties have been confiscated. His CNIC has been blocked. To suspend his accounts entails the cessation of food and basic need of hundreds of thousands of poor and destitute who are dependent on his accounts.

Let us have a bird’s eye view of the services to the mankind by this angel in the camouflage of human being. For the last 50 years he has been serving the nation quietly. Life of the hundreds of thousands of the poor people of this country is associated to this angel. Almost in every walk of life, one can observe his services to the humanity. From education to health, providing shelter to poor and destitute, sponsoring scholarships for the poor students, donating funds to the poor families and orphans for their children marriages, providing aid to flood and earth quack affectees.

In education sector his achievements are marvelous. He introduced Uswa Education Systems in the country. Under the umbrella of this system multiple schools, colleges, and technical training centers were established in the heart of Islamabad and in many other remote and backward areas of the country enabling the poor people to get quality education at their door steps. Thousands of the graduates who embarked their educational careers from this system are now serving the nation at different key positions in this country.

In health sector his services are also not lagging behind or hidden. Abdullah hospital in Skardu city is a glaring epitome of his service in the field of health. This hospital is equipped with modern technological machines consisting of more than 200 beds and is providing health facilities to the patients. Besides this an another hospital has been constructed in a remote area of Baltistan. Small dispensaries are also functional in different parts of the country. Every year different teams of expert doctors from down areas visit these hospitals and dispensaries organize free medical camps.

Every year hundreds of poor families are sponsored for the marriage of their children. Many orphans and poor students who cannot afford their educational expenses are given scholarships. He has developed a colony consisting of more than 300 houses for the war affectees of 1999 kargil  War and other homeless people. The flood effected families in 2005 and 2010 were rehabilitated and provided aid. During the earth quack his volunteers were there to help the affectees and provided basic needs to the 51,210 families. Every year multiple seminars are conducted nationally and internationally to promote harmony and unity among Muslims and as well as other religions.

He is the torch bearer of harmony, peace and equality. Isn’t it unjust and unlawful to include his name in the fourth schedule? Is the government alleviating the terrorism or kindling it through such acts?? Before taking such decisions government should mull about the consequences also. Such kind of practices will not diminish the terrorism rather kindle hatred and insecurity among the peaceful citizens of this country. Immediate removal of Shiekh Mohsin’s name from the fourth schedule is the demand of the majority of the respected intellectuals and the citizens of this country.

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