Winter in Gojal Valley, Hunza

Gojal Valley is located in the extreme north of Pakistan, sharing borders with Afghanistan and China. It is part of the Hunza district, and home to some of the world’s most beautiful places. Asghar Khan recently traveled to the Gojal Valley and took these photographs.

The Khunzhrav Top, with a signboard written in English, Chines and Urdu
Frozen waterfall on the way to Khunzhrav Top
The frozen Khuzhrav River
A herd of wild animal in the Khuzhrav National Park
The beautiful Moorkhun Village
A herd of Yaks in Ghalapan Village
The snowclad KKH in Ghalapan Village
Frozen surface of the glacier fed Batura Lake in Passu
Frozen surface of the dammed Hunza River in Shishkat Village

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