Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

9 stunning photographs taken around the Pak-China Friendship Tunnels in Hunza

Latest photographs from around the dammed Hunza River and the Pak-China Friendship Tunnels located between Attabad and Ayeenabad. Photographs: Rehmat Jabbar

Opening of one of the tunnels through which the Karakoram Highway Passes.
A place called Dongdas, where the “Sacred Rocks of Hunza” are located
Thousands of people came last year to see the tunnels
A frozen cascade of icy water right about the KKH
The Hunza river was blocked by a massive landslide that destroyed the Attabad village killing 19 people on 4th January 2010.
A new road had to be constructed instead of the parts destroyed by the dammed river
The region has been receiving snowfall during the last week
The KKH is the only land conduit connecting Pakistan and China

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