The Absurdity of Psyche

Naveed Saleem

The true face of a nation is the reflection of the cognitive and normative mindset of the people, plus the collective repertoire of the individuals homing and abiding the given society. The society; for we have been learnt and taught since we were capable of laying our mind over the things and subjects to critically analyze them, is weighed to be the mirror of the collectivized sense of intellectuality, brainpower, habitual reasoning , collective behavior and the  anatomizing curiosa of the individuals living there, towards the social subjects and matters. A society of which; young and old minds are stuffed with myths and superstitions, of which youth is manacled by the ideas of considering a gender inferior and les worthy than the other, A society in which killing someone in the name of honor or in the name of religion is always considered an ultimate inviolable act of sacredness, a society of this kind and image cannot bring itself to the shores of humanity, justice and equality.

I am living in a society where a black cat in the night, while making its way to somewhere, crosses your way, is considered more to do with your fate and future than does your struggle and dedication, where slight twitches and flops of your right eye bodes for you some kind of bad luck and likewise if you feel some sort of itching on left hand palm, then it means to them that something good is going to happen and utter lunacy lies in the ignorance that, it has nothing to do with scabies or mange or some other disease. A woman for her child yet to born, puts her faith more on the sayings and tactics of her Peer Baba, than the manliness of her man. The kind of stone fixed on your ring ensures you your good health than does a good diet and taking in consideration proper health tips. It is a society where growth of a child depends on whether or whether not, you have walked over the childs leg, like, if you have ever mistakenly walked over your childs leg, your child will die a dwarf, and it has nothing to do with growth stimulating harmones.

Some days ago, while I was killing time scrolling Facebook, my sight remained clung to a post, that claims the brutal killing of a girls by her bother who suspects her of making love with someone. So it was his utmost duty to keep the honor of his family preserve and intact, so he did it well. Yesterday I was doing the same with facebook, and again my eyes met with a post that proposes the killing of girl for not making love; she was killed by a boy whose proposition of making love (being a little sarcastic) with her, she rejected. Ok listen man, you should first decide that whether you want to kill her for making love or for not making it, you see, here is a lot of confusion. Why is woman considered this much week and frail. Why you will kill her for your self-esteem, and your respect, why would she be slaughtered for someone elses respect and honor, what is the difficulty in fathoming that she too has a life, has a mind, has a nature and has some ambitions and some aims. The problem is never the religion, or sect. The problem Is of having a long term absurdity in collective mindset. Any count of legislation or adding more teeth to the existing acts will not act as a deterrent to the increasing incidents of atrocities and also the rising sexual offence against the children, it is only a responsible society which can bring about some hope and reverse the trend.

But the dilemma here is that, the Shaheen childs of Iqbal are busy in tagging their friends in memes, and prefers NKJs videos more, than these issues. The problem is of collective mindset and it needs a collective remedy, a collective change and a collective response. The need is to think beyond the boundaries of wrong myths and superstitions, the need is to dig rationality everywhere, in every matter. And so is this, a high time to focus on helping women to acquire the knowledge of laws to fight harassment , atrocities and suppression which they face in daily life.

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