18 Photographs of the crumbling Gupis Fort

Gupis Fort is located in the Ghizer District of Gilgit-Batlistan. The fort was built by the British colonizers in 1805, according to some sources.

The fort has residential quarters, stores, prison cells and offices, surrounded by a wall built for protection against invasion. The fort was used for some time by the Gilgit Scout and Northern Light Infantry.

Currently, the Gupis Fort remains deserted. Due to lack of care and attention, the historical structure is crumbling as shown in these photographs taken by Farman Karim.

Space for storage

Residential quarters

Graffiti on the wall
A dilapidated tower
Decay is visible all around

The fort’s gate from inside
A prisoner’s cell
Fresh and old papers, most probably records, dumped in a room
The structure is coming down stone by stone
Openings for gunners
Animals grazing inside the fort
The walls are gradually falling apart


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