Let’s talk about Human Determination

By Yasub Akhunzada

Human determination and intentions are a rare thing, because they are the sole privilege of man, not found in any other creature of the universe, including angels. It is an important treasure that we, the human kind, possess. Through this intention and determination, human beings are discovering stars and planets and man has made this world a global village. It is due to human determination and willpower that he has brought the world so close in spite of long long distances through the miracle of communication system.

My determination and my resolution are so strong that I may enclose the whole world into my fist. it is because of human determination that compels all object of nature to obey him and move at the slightest jerks of fingers. These stars, clouds and this blue canopy are not beyond his reach and control.

Man, in the person of Muhammad(P.B.U.H), possesses the great power to bifurcate the moon just by moving his fingers. Man, in the person of Hazrat Ali (A.S), may make the stubborn sun change its course to the opposite direction. If a man, Bilal (R.A), doesn’t call for Fajr prayers, the night refuses to depart and the morning doesn’t feel like making it’s appearance.

All these examples, obviously, show that where there is a will, there is a way.

Man, the epitome of determination and willpower, can be likened to Mujnoon, the proverbial Ashiq (lover), who never felt intimated by the boundlessness of the desert, because he had already made his mind to traverse it to reach his beloved Laila.

Come what may, through his willpower and determination, and focus on a particular goal, he made his destination look easier, despite the bristling path passing through deserts full of thorns and dangers. He made the difficult path look like strewn with flowers. Barefooted, with open blisters on his feet, and conscious of all the impending threats and sufferings, Mujnoon sets on his journey. He treads the beaten tracks, but makes his own way. He sincerely believes that he is the thirsty Ismail of his own age and every land is a sacred land.

By rubbing the soles of determination, he makes the zam zam of success gush forth from the barren desert of failures.

So, believe me, that all these incidents happened only because there was human will and determination.

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