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This primary school in Jamalabad (Gojal Valley) has been under-construction for 10 years

Gojal: For the last ten years, successive governments in Gilgit-Baltistan have failed to complete construction of this three-room primary school located in Jamalabad village of Gojal Valley, Hunza.

The school building has two incomplete classrooms, and a block comprising three incomplete toilets.

While the building is still incomplete, the locals have said that the contractor has already taken the budgeted money, by showing the project completed in official documents, in connivance with officials of the GB Works Department.

Officials of the education department of Hunza have highlighted the issue, said sources requesting anonymity, without any action from the relevant quarters.

The buildings are handed over to the Education department after the construction has been completed by the Works Department. So far, the Works Department has not been able to complete the construction, despite releasing the funds to the contractor, and no explanation is being given to the locals for the reasons the building remains in this shape.

The GB Works Department is yet to transfer the school to the Education Department, because it is incomplete. However, the budget allocated for the building has reportedly already been used by the contractor

The local political and social leadership has also highlighted the issues with the previous government and authorities, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

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The locals have demanded an investigation into the criminal negligence of the relevant officials, and strict action against the contractor who has deprived the children of an educational facility, while also hurting the national exchequer.

The primary school building has two classrooms and a toilet

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  1. Since the people representing Hunza do not have any high regard for the education, therefore, the situation is not really rosy in other parts of Hunza as well. In Karimabad, which is presumably the center of many educational activities, there is only a government middle school for girls (with secondary classes running without approval) with minimum facilities. This lone school caters to the needs of a population of more than 20000 thousand; from Karimabad, Hyderabad, Altit and Ganish. People send their children to these schools for good education at a cheaper cost. In contrasts to the claims by the government, the parents pay Rs. 400.00 per student to hire part-time teachers through SMCs. This ridicules the government’s claims of providing free education to all. There is a dearth of qualified subject specialists at this school apart from a very feeble building structure, which could give away anytime and result in huge losses. Boys Model School was approved almost a decade ago but the requisite facilities are still at large. The PC 4’s status is unknown and the elected rep does not seem to be aware or interested in this issue for unknown reasons. A model primary school is operating on papers only but on ground we know nothing of it. As a whole, the public sector educational sector is facing dire challenges at the moment and the authorities seem to be least concerned about the problems. Teachers assigned to these schools, are working else where to come to these schools to draw their salaries only.

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