Business Incubation Training for Micro-Entrepreneurs of Yak, Sea Buckthorn and Tourism value chains held

Gilgit: Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) with financial and technical support from ICIMOD planned and organized a model enterprise training cum business incubation program for existing and potential micro entrepreneurs related to yak farming, Sea Buckthorn and tourism value chain. The training was conducted by Women Empowerment & Excellency Initiative (WEEI).

Thirty-one micro entrepreneurs including twelve females from Ghizer and Hunza districts are now geared up to serve tourists in a more professional manner this year, after attending the training.

The participants first went through a rigorous training on how to plan and manage business through role plays, games and simulations. The main feature of the incubation was provision of mentors for each participant to evolve actual enterprise and understanding over time. Ten renowned and seasoned local entrepreneurs are now offering their mentoring services including counselling, advice and motivation on the ground.  Mentoring process is important for Gilgit-Baltistan especially micro and small entrepreneurs to spur growth in enterprises and entrepreneurship.

Before imparting enterprise development all participants were equipped with Sea buckthorn food processing skills from PCSIR Peshawar and traditional and national food cooking skills, including Yak meat dishes, from Islamabad.

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  1. Very excellent step, it is good that locals are supported to be active economically and self-dependent.It is one of the best way to move forward. There is hiatus between academia and its application in real life. Though there is an army of youth who come out from colleges/universities but live an unsatisfied life in the face of such gap and some anomaly in the existing system. Though we wish and desire for more but pragmatically all could not be materialized. Realizing the situation HEC has set up so far in 48 universities of Pakistan ‘office for research, innovation and commercialization’ (ORIC).In the initial phase HEC has planned it for four years and once it on successful trajectory by the end of four years, it will be a self-sustaining unit of the respective university.The very purpose is to implement ideas/theories/research findings to practical use for general public. The business incubation offices in universities facilitate entrepreneurs and enterprising individuals to give tooth to his/her innovative thinking.So it is for our people to visit such university offices to share their ideas and get it implemented.

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