Qudrat Ali’s daring barefoot walk from Gilgit to Shimshal for peace and Pakistan

Masood Ali

Gilgit: Mountaineer Qudrat Ali is walking barefoot from Gilgit to Shimshal, covering almost 300 kilometers, to give an important message about peace and harmony in Pakistan, and to pay homage to the martyrs and Ghazis of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Talking to the media, Qudrat said that the purpose of his journey is symbolization of the progress made so far, while facing many difficulties. He has also said that his walk also gives the message of peace and harmony in Pakistan, while paying homage to the martyrs and Ghazis.

Qudrat is being warmly received by community members as he journeys along the Karakoram Highway to reach Shimshal his native village.

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  1. Qudrat Ali sb, please don`t spoil your feet, those who disrupting peace gets Riyals and dollars and gonna listen anything un paid.

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