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Two incarcerated youth of Hunza released from Gahkuch jail

Gilgit: Authorities on Friday released Meher Ali and Naseeruddin from Gahkuch jail, after their bail pleas were granted by a court. The two were booked under the Anti-Terrorism Act by the police in 2011.

They were among the people incarcerated on charges of involvement in violence in the wake of police shooting down two IDPs in Aliabad Hunza.

Meher Ali is a resident of Ali Abad, while Naseer Uddin is a resident of Garelt, Hunza.

They were released from the Gahkuch Jail, where socialist leader Baba Jan and other are imprisoned.

The youth’s lawyer was Advocate Zahoor Karim, who is also the President of PPP, Hunza.

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  1. They were jailed and ATA applied by PPP, Good if PPP is now following their cases taking fees, which( taking money) is hobby of PPP.

  2. The incidence of shooting two IDP’s was darkest chapter in the history of HUNZA.
    The CM of GB at that time was a cruel and illiterate man. He was the man responsible for all the boodshid and unresting HUNZA for only sake of his VIP protocol.

    The people of HUNZA will never forget this for the decades.
    We welcome release of Naseer -Ud din and Meher Ali both were innocent. This is the result of the efforts made by present government and his supporter.
    Insha allah there are still good news to come before coming EID few innocent detainees will release but this is my humble request to honourable C.J Supreme Aplt. Court GB. Please play your part to make efforts for justice process because these all are innocent people jailed on FAKE FIR’s.
    We are optimistic that C.J will play his role, and remaining innocent detainees will release soon.

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