Broghil VC Nazim threatens self-immolation, if locals are not appointed in national park administration

Chitral: Nazim of Village Council Broghil, Amin Jan, has accused the Chitral Wildlife Department of nepotism and injustice for neglecting locals in jobs.

“I will be forced to self-immolate in front of the Chitral Press Club if all the recent illegal appointments are not cancelled and if locals are not appointed in the administration of the “Community Managed Park”, said Amin in a press released shared with the media.  

He said that recently appointments of 6 watchers, a driver, a peons, 2 deputy wildlife ranger, an office assistant, a social mobilizer and an SDFO were made by the Wildlife Department. “All of the appointed people are non-locals”, Amin said.

He said that the local community had agreed to convert their land into a national park with the hope that they will benefit from the jobs and other opportunities. He said that the promises of preferring locals in the jobs have been broken by the administration and the political leaders. He said that these acts of injustice have deeply hurt the local people.

“They have appointed people from Dir and Peshawar to manage the national park built on our land”, Amin said, while talking to Pamir Times. “The social mobilizer is from Peshawar and she has no idea of where Broghil is located and who the people living here are”, Amin said. He also said that the office assistant has been hired from Peshawar.

“The SDFO belongs to Dir, who has never visited the Broghil National Park so far”, Amin added.

He said that even low-scale jobs, like watchman, driver and peons have been appointed from different areas of Chitral, neglecting local applicants who are equally qualified.

He has said Jamat-e-Islami and PTI promise a just and transparent KPK, but the actions of the government are contrary to the spirit of justice and fair play.

Through the press release, Amin Jan has demanded cancellation of all the appointments and hiring of local people. He has appealed to the Chief Justice of KPK, Chief Secretary, Secretary Forest and other authorities to ensure that the unjust appointments are cancelled and Broghil locals are preferred for the jobs.

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