Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

The Crimes Behind a Crime

Aajaz Hussain

I claim that there are many crimes behind some common crimes; I am going to elaborate these according to my own point of view and in the light of some universal realities.

First of all, we will discuss ”suicide’ which is a serious crime and if a person is caught trying to commit suicide, s/he is strongly dealt with by the law. But everyone, from the law enforcing authorities to the common people, try to escape from the fact that most of the people commit suicide because of others. We always taunt, degrade, depreciate or abuse someone in front of people or in isolation ignoring the fact that they get hurt by our words and attitudes which causes destruction of neurons in their brain. It is scientifically proven that when we start thinking negatively neurons in our brain get disturbed that causes its destruction.  Our negative words and attitudes create tensions and depression in others mind and continuous depression  create mental disease. A person having such disease is called psycho patient and it is an admitted fact that psycho patients commonly attempt suicide. There are many more reasons which compels someone to think negatively. Financial crisis is another factor which creates such situations.

When it seems impossible for a person to support his family financially such as he fails to repay the debt taken for his son’s or daughter’s marriage or for construction of house or he fails to get money for the treatment of his son, daughter, father or mother etc suffering from some deadly disease, his mind gets thinking negatively which leads him to depression. Unemployment, corruption in different sectors, love failure, forceful marriage, carrier failure and authoritativeness of elders are other prominent reasons behind the above mentioned action. Forceful marriage is another common reason which may lead someone to take this deadly step. Parents fix their marriage against their will. They prefer girls or boys from their own sects, families, casts,village or community for their sons or daughters. They prefer their own demands ignoring the likes and dislikes of their sons or daughters which many times lead them to take this action. Boys or girls prefer death than to spoil the status of their parents by leaving their home and families to fulfill their dreams. Their situations do not allow them to think with a cool mind and they finish their lives. Other results of such marriages are not related to the topic. Anyhow some if them get managed with the passage of time and may proceed their lives prosperously. It depends upon the intensity of their emotions. Unemployment is another major reason for suicide. We see many such people studying who are considered the hope of their families for future. Who are poor enough that their income do not meet their expenditures and they can not fulfill their educational requirements. They invest even their possessions such as their cultivable lands, etc on their education hoping that it will pay them back. Some of them even take loans for the purpose. After getting the degree many times such persons deprived from their right of employment due to the corruption in various sectors, because of that their dreams scatter and the expenditures which were their total assets goes in vain. Such people get interrupted and fail to control the flow of emotions. Many such people also commit suicide. In such a case a person is who commits suicide is urged by others to commit suicide by unjust appointments. The persons misusing their offices don’t realize the fact that such steps snatch lives of persons responsible for supporting families having different capacities, which is also a crime.

Now, I will discuss ”the use of narcotics”, or substance abuse, which is also an important issue to think and increasing crime which is destroying especially our youth. The reasons behind suicide and use of narcotics are almost the same. People use narcotics to remove or decrease tensions or depression. Many people come across such situations that they don’t find another option to reduce tensions and to relief the pain in their heart and mind. Such people get tensed in such a way that they are compelled to use narcotics by their situations. They would be facing such a situation that no one is there to hear their problems and to suggest some solutions for the problems. In this condition thy loose courage and take help from use of narcotics to get the negative thoughts forgotten for a period of time. Lack of friends and well-wishers is another reason for the problem. When people find no friends or well-wishers to discuss the problems they faced they get more worried and depressed. When tensions becomes unbearable they opt use of narcotics or most if them choose suicide as the last option. In this era most of the boys and girls flirt with opposite gender and when with the passage of time they are revealed. The affected boys and girl get intolerable about the situations, as a result most of the boys start using narcotics and some girls commit suicide some of them also move towards narcotics which is rare in our society. But they suffer from many disease. Stomach problem is common from those. It also has been proven that when we remain in a tensed situation for a long time, our digestive system is damaged badly that leads stomach problem which is also a cause of depression. People having stomach problem must have gone through some depressed situations or their friends, families, or societies must have some negative impacts on their mind which disturbs them again and again. Sometimes people expect much from others, with the passage of time if someone proved against their expectations it also disturbs their minds badly. Such as they expect that their friends, families and other members of the society will always be there to help them in need, they will never ever let them feel hopeless and they will never ever leave them in a bad condition. But, many times people prove against their expectations which hurt them badly. They move towards narcotics when they find everyone against their thoughts. The third crime which I am going to discuss may be seen commonly even in our surrounding is ”Theft”. Those people who commit theft just feed their families and themselves are at a large number.

When people don’t get proper education they fail to get a proper job or other techniques to earn their livings. They don’t get any opportunity to avail as a source of income. Therefore, they forget every moral and social values, because, their minds are stick to their hungry families. They are ready to use any means of getting money whether it is legal or illegal to protect their families from death, but, in such situations people frequently get illegal means for the purpose. Their parents and other relatives are responsible for their poorly situations, as if they had supported them to get proper education and technical training or if they had supported them to run some business then they might not be going through such miserable conditions. Some societal barriers also prevent some people especially girls from getting proper education which causes unemployment, a greater factor for committing theft.


It is concluded from the above discussion that other people are also involved in many crimes which someone commits. Without realizing the fact our friends, family, members of society, conservative mindedness, authoritativeness of elders and corrupt officials sometimes cause destruction of worthy lives. We put our share in others crimes but we are not punished or warned for that. Corruption may take lives of responsible persons. We can save lives by keeping positive attitudes towards people. Negativity is a poison for generations. We don’t try to find out the reasons and solutions of crimes realistically. Our carelessness about others emotions is also a crime.


First of all I would suggest that all of us should realize our responsibilities and act according to our duties. We should be aware of the effects of our attitudes upon others. Secondly, we should not taunt, degrade, depreciate or abuse anyone. Thirdly, positive criticism is necessary but the way of criticism must be modified so that others may not affect negatively. Fourthly, we should always help deserving people in the society. Fifthly, we should have friendly relations with each other so that we may share our sorrows and worries with each other. Sixth, young boys and girls should prevent flirt. Parents should consider the emotions of their young sons and daughters in different matters. Seventh, positive steps should be taken to remove corruption so that deserving persons may get proper job. Eighth: The Governments should take positive steps to enhance job and income opportunities and eliminate poverty.

And, finally, the intellectuals should suggest the education department to include a chapter in the curriculum covering the subjects explained above to ensure that the students know the most common reasons behind these type of crimes, and hopefully, the tendency is reduced.

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