Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Purely Impure Love

AZRA NISAR | University of Central Asia, Naryn

I have lost my pearl of satisfaction somewhere

I met you, may be you took it and went somewhere

After that day

I remember you, always remember that

But you at all times forget which is so sad

What was your name?

My ears stopped working

However, Eyes were doing their job of starring and just starring

I screamed you didn’t listen

Being silent since ages, since it was the only option

Ruining my nights thinking about you

But couldn’t found any satisfactory clue

Have you read the book of my heart?

Where each chapter starts with your name

May one beautiful day of spring we meet

Dissolving all our greed

Dissolving our souls

Dissolving our goals

Like Shams and Rumi

One day we will meet, one day we will meet


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