Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Feminism, Illusion and Reality

Maisam Kazim

Illusion can never change something into reality.

The modern time is full of deceit and sham. Everyone is in frustration and looting each other through illusionist temptation. People who are apathetic and have callous thoughts show illusions in creamy, frothy and magnetic ways which capture our appetites in such a way that we cannot distinguish it from reality. The enchanters add colors, odors and taste to the rolling minds, and illustrate delusions with great charm, which coax peoples for the fantasy.

We are all equal and no one is superior on the basis of gender. Both men and women are creatures of the Almighty Allah and both needed to be treated equally. There must not be bigotry among men and women. Privileges should be given on the basis of their abilities, skills and potentials. I have questions; have we stopped exasperating women? Have they claimed equality?? Despite of having many NGOs, groups and parties raising voices for equality, why are women still depressed?

In fact, females were devalued than before because of the so-called defenders of feminism as they show a figment and unreal world to the innocent women. They create riots by showing an obscure image in the name of women empowerment. They believe feminism means the power which is only for women and they try to achieve the power by degrading men and speaking against the other gender. But in real sense, if they unveil the unclear image from their ambiguous mind they find a new prospect to empower women.

Feminism means the cooperation between men and women, both gender needs it equally as Emma Watson Says, “feminism is for men too.” Another social worker Jane Oni-Eseleh writes, “feminism is the idea that a women has the right to decide the directions of her life. It isn’t about a look or about a feeling of superiority to men.” Even men are also affected due to gender discrimination; they are also equally suppressed and harassed. So is it right to call feminism only for women?

Is this motive right that feminism defends only girls? What I think is entirely different! The so-called feminists were creating the misconceptions that feminism is a movement for women by women in opposition of men. I believe it is a movement which stands against oppression and gender divisions. But the icing on the cake is that even some women think it as only for them and not for men. To be a feminist is perfectly good but to make someone suffer with inferiority complex is worse. Both must work like one body, one soul and join hands for each other and do not stray against men by getting convinced from the tempter who spread an illusionist concept and keep us away from realism, that men and women are each other’s strength.

Illusion and realism are the contrast with one another. Those who create misconceptions cannot be realists. The squabbles among these two genders are not as worse as those tricksters exhibiting the world particularly to women that they are suppressed by men. Even, if a wife cooks food for her husband, iron his clothes, these detractors call and have been calling it tyranny, brassiness and discrimination with women. They do not see the other side of the story that she loves her husband, loves to cook for him, decorates house for him and most important is respecting him by heart and make compromises for him. Do not let these illusionists interfere into your personal affairs because they do not have right to interfere and do not deserve to claim the love, the intimacy and emotions of a women to her husband.

Don’t let them to enter in your lives to deviate you from what is the purpose of your life. Don’t listen to those distractors who cannot differentiate between right and wrong. Just listen to your instinct, your conscious and off course your heart.

Maisam M. Kazim is doing BS (Hons) from GC University Lahore.

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