There are some people here who deserve our appreciation

Azra Nisar

Plethora of thoughts are kicking, mixed feelings are knocking at the door of my heart, and mystical ideas direly want to create a jerk in my pen. It feels like being in a deep wide, absurd colored, and confound vast ocean. I have been imprisoned in multifarious notions, wriggling my apricot shaped brain.

It would definitely comes as a huge shock to most of you, that why am I going through such an offbeat scenario. Before some of you put a label on me, I should state a laudable saying of Gandhi which I have read some days before. He cites as “The best way to live your life is to lose yourself into the service of others”. I kept my nose into this sentence to extract its actual essence. A thought was niggling of all my imagination; gradually its influence was all pervasive. The thought was about a place, which most of   surely know.

This is a place wholly admirable, it inextricably bounds humanity together, it is a hub of appealing sacrifices of living and dead brave people, it is a place with a capacity to understand the pure essence of living a meaningful life, and it is a place of devoted men. This is what we call PAKISTAN ARMY. Beautifully said by Abraham Lincoln in one of his addresses “We have highly resolve that there dead shall not have died in vain”.


After going through various tests and hard work, only some could get the golden ticket of this place. It is not easy as bed of roses. One has to be extravagantly passionate, one should feel like a plant growing in humidity of sympathy, and one should feel like nourishing under sunshine of devotion. These are the people who could break the deeper roots of insecurity, they can dazzle dark nights with their sky touching aims, they keep their eagle eyes on our property, their unity make us believe in togetherness, and their heroic gestures forcefully cracks down the unhealthy plans of enemies.

What do they get in return? Their price is priceless, their reward is worthy, and mode of appreciation is valuable. They get PRAYERS from countless people. So, if you want to be a part then unearth your potential, explore opportunities, then design a road of your choice though keep alternatives , but stay focus…………..This is your world.


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