Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Ghost employees of C&W Dept Chitral getting salaries without performing duties

By Gul Hamaad Farooqi
CHITRAL:  road conditions of Chitral worse and water flowing on these roads causing for its damaging but there is no road Cooly to stop this water from blacktop road or to clear drainage and save government property from ruining. When this scribe visited Communication and Works (C&W) department office Chitral  it was revealed that so many staff are setting at homes or doing personal business and they never performed their duties since long.
When this scribe tried to confirm from Executive Engineer Maqbool Azam about the long absent from duties of these staff  but he was at Peshawar. Hence Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) Tariq Ali confirmed that some staff merely drawing their salaries at home and not performs duty. He said that Shujauddin road cooly  of Barinus,  Rahmat Baig road colly resident of Singor, Bashir Ahmad road colly of Singor, Fazluddin road cooly of Singor, Rahmat Qadir Mali of Danin, Muhammad Gul road cooly, Munawar Shah road Coolies of Zargarandeh are absent from duty since long and they were issued notices for their absent.
He said Fazluddin of Singor were issued notices since 2015 but he never came to office nor he perform his duty and drawing his salary at home. When this scribe contacted account officer and head clerk that whey their salary were not stopped?. He replied that he withheld their salary but were released on direction of XEN because of pressure of some influential persons.
Similary Shujauddin road cooly of Barinus settled at  Lahore and declared himself so-called president of Union but having close links with officers his salary is sending to him from Chitral office.
Altaf Hussain former Head Clerk of C&W revealed that some road coolies were setting at forest who grazing their goats and getting salary but not perform duty and no action was taken against them.  He said that culvert at Singor has been blocked but C&W through the water on his personal land.
Rahmat Karim vice chairman village council Singor told this scribe that in this case C&W  XEN is totally responsible of this blunder. He said that first they constructed culvert wrongly where water chock and strain and secondly they given free hand to road cooly who not do their duty. As a result water flowing on main road and in winter season it became more dangerous due to freezing and vehicles slipping on this ice bound road. As well as pedestrian and women folk, children facing great hardships while travelling on this road.
Faisal Elahi, Samiuddin, Professor Muhammad Dost and other complaint that they passing through Garamchishma road which is the main road of MPA  Saleem Khan but water flowing on road and they facing great problems.
A pedestrian alleged that some road cooly working as Shepher keeping goats in hundred and they gift some goats to XEN and SDO as a result they were  given free handed and they never perform their duty. When this scribe want to confirm from SDO  Tariq Ali he denied the allegations and said that he has issued them notices but he is helpless to dismiss them from service or to stop their salary.
XEN  Maqbool Azam also denied these allegation and told this scribe on phone from Peshawar that he will take strict action against these defaulter staff who not performing duties as well as their salary will be stopped.
Social and political segment of Chitral demand from Chief Minister KP, Chief Secretary KP, and high ups  of C&W department for taking stern action against these staff who not performing their duties for the last 10 years and regularly drawing their salaries on the interference of influential persons.
Meanwhile  three constables were dismissed from service by District Police office Chitral Captain retired Mansoor Aman. DPO Mansoor Aman confirmed their termination from service due to charges of having close links with drug traffickers and misbehave with public.

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