Norwegian climber revisits Chitral to remember 1964 Tirich Mir ascent

The guests keenly watch a documentary being shown to the audience . Photo: Gul HammadFarooqi
Gul Hammad Farooqi 
Chitral, August 12: Ralph Hoibakk, member of a Norwegian Expedition that scaled the Tirich Mir peak in 1964 has returned to Chitral, to remember his co-climbers and porters, and reportedly to scale the 7692 meters high peak again.
Unfortunately, all except one of the laborers and co-climbers have died, except one.
A special session was held to remember the successful ascent of the Hindukush range’s loftiest peak, in which a documentary about the expedition was also shared. The climber spent some time with the locals. At this occasion, Holibakk also delivered a lecture, in which he spoke about his climbing experience and other topics.

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