World’s attention focused on Nanga Parbat as Polish and Russian mountaineers climb in the dark to reach stranded mountaineers

Islamabad: Thousands of people are watching, inquiring and tweeting, while tracking the journey of two daredevil mountaineers who are climbing the ferociously lethal Nanga Parbat mountain in the darkness of the night.

Having been dropped on the Nanga Parbat mountain by Pakistan Army’s choppers, Poland’s Adam Bielecki and Russia’s Denis Urubko are climbing the mountain, also known as the “Killer Mountain” in the darkness of the night, with the hope and aim of reaching the stranded French and Polish mountaineers, who have been stranded for two days.

According to a Facebook user, who earlier posted about receiving a message from Revol, the two daredevil heroes have reached the stranded French:

#NangaParbat is trending on Twitter, as thousands of people share messages of support, prayers, and information about the rescuers’ uphill progress.

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