Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

Punar Local Support Organization of UC Yarkhoon Valley elects new chairman

Chitral:  Pir Shahzada Ibrahim was elected as the third chairman of the PUNAR Local Support Organization in Yarkhoon, one of the remotest valleys of District Chitral. He was chosen after a democratic process, winning against Mr. Muhammad Waizr, former Nazim, and Mr. Zahir Uddin, a resident of Baang village, Chitral.

The PUNAR LSO Yarkhun was established in 2013 under the company ordinance 1984 as Local support organization to serve the people of Yarkhun from Brep to Darband.

After winning the election Pir Shazada Ibrahim extended his graduates to their supporters and also to the people of the area for providing him the opportunity to serve his people under the leadership of LSO PUNAR.

He has ensured to work on the following objectives and requirements of the area.

  1. LSO PUNAR will provide ground support to all NGOS Including AKDN, SRSP, UN Agencies, donor agencies and government organizations to implement their projects in the jurisdiction of the LSO PUNAR.
  2. The LSO PUNAR will struggle to develop linkages with donor agencies, NGOS and all government departments for the holistic development of the area.
  3. The LSO PUNAR will also mobilize all V/WOS for their sustainability and provide direct services to their respective regions.
  4. The LSO PUNAR will try to provide free education for the deserving students and also facilitate and provide them career guidance.
  5. The LSO PUNAR will develop linkages with potential markets for the local fruits, handicrafts and will try to establish fruit processing units with the support of government and NGOS.
  6. The LSO PUNAR will organize skill based trainings for the youths both male and females and create alternative income generation for the un employed youths of the area.
  7. LSO PUNAR will empower the women of the area and provide them equal representation in the LSO set up and involve them in every decision making for the future.
  8. The LSO PUNAR will fight against drug abuse and ensure sustainable peace in the area.

The Chairman will serve the LSO PUNAR for next three years with his Executive board members and general body members.

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