Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Political Turmoil: Its Impact On Economy


By Dr. Abdul Jalil

The famous adage, ‘No body is indispensable’ remains always true. Nations prosper and thrive by collective effort and not by a single person’s endeavors. Although a strong, resolute and dedicated leadership to a country is of utmost importance, but nations raised on strong foundations do not perish with the demise or removal of a top leader.

In the democratic countries of the world there exists a well established system to immediately replace the dethroned or deceased leader and no chaos is created in the politico-economic of the country. Politically stable countries with blooming economies have taken immense strides in advanced technology; by virtue of their grip on technology they are dominating the world militarily and economically.

Unlike advanced countries of the world Pakistan is infested with a variegated leadership whose only aim in life is to grab power by hook or by crook. In order to achieve their most cherished goals they make all out efforts to lampoon. The incumbent    government and try to blur its image by all means available to them and depict a dark picture which if unchecked or not removed from power shall lead to ruination of country’s politico-economic-system.

Those in power are obsessed with their indispensability and keep reminding the nation that their presence in power corridors is synonymous with the stability of country. All loans, grants, aids by lending countries and by IMF to this country are because of them, forgetting that these loans are to be returned by 200 millions Pakistanis with added interest. Rise and fall in stock exchange index is directly related with their presence and absence in power corridors and not connected with economic activity of the country.

To divert the attention of public taking notice of their corruption scandals they covertly seek the help of enemy country to make incursions along the border. They can go very low to save their crumbling power edifice and are least bothered to up hold the honour and interests of their native country.

Such weak and corrupt leadership bitten by greed can never with stand the adverse circumstances that might befall on the country. Their cowardice invites aggression against the country; they are usually very hard on their fellow countrymen and plaint with the country’s enemies.

Despite their inherent weaknesses and malleability to extrinsic pressures the idea of governing this country is deeply etched in their minds. They are confident and composed, if any calamity strikes this nation they can safely move away with their families and land in safe havens in foreign lands where they have already deposited millions if not billions of dollars in their banks and can spend rest of their lives in perfect luxury.

Least bothered about their countrymen left behind in tatters who are grappling with adverse circumstances to sustain their lives, berefted of medical, food, education and many other insecurities. Such predators and plunderers of national wealth cannot escape Allah’s wrath.

With the ouster of Nawaz Sharif from premier’s slot by a supreme court decree with regard to his involvement in Panama corruption scandal , the ex-premier in contrast to his soft spookeness  have now adopted an aggressive posture and is on the offensive against the supreme court verdict against him.

His address to mammoth public gatherings deprecating court decision is creating a chaotic milieu in the country. His blusters against the court depicting court decree as partial and unfair is a matter of great concern to this nation an atmosphere of factional confrontation is looming over the heads of the people of this country. He is obsessed with the power politics, not taking in to account the imminent dangers emanating from India, America, Afghanistan and Iran who are hell-bent to decimate this abode of 200 million Muslims enjoying a significant status among the comity of Muslims nations.

Nawaz Sharif, undoubtedly a perfect gentleman is under the impression and having the idea been cultivated in his mind that his ouster from the power corridor, is by powerful hidden hand, an indirect reference to Pak Army. His desire to boost trade with India side lining Kashmir dispute is neither acceptable to this nation nor to Pakistan army who is bearing the Indian army attacks along the border routinely.

Political turmoil created and suited to their selfish ends is cracking hard on country’s economy which is already in doldrums. In the coming years debt servicing of CPEC related loans will also begin which will be about 04 billion dollars a month.  IMF has predicted a gloomy picture as it does not see any significant growth in economy in the coming years exceeding 3-3.5%.

Imran Khan an ex cricket player turned into a politician is an arrogant person who has started learning Islamic Prayers quite recently under the compulsion of political circumstances. His utterance of a few Islamic parlance sound funny. Marriage and divorce is a personal and private matter of an individual including politicians.  Private and public life of a politician is a public trust which should not be breached by way-wardness and debauchery. Any politician not adhering to moral norms is guilty of misconduct and a liable to be declared as Non-Sadiq, non-Ameen – two qualities of vital importance required by constitution to hold high public office.

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari’s tenure in power is regarded as worst ever period in the history of Pakistan blemished with staggering corruption scandals, parochialism, and favoritism and trampling of merit. All mega projects in Sindh and other parts of the country were bogged down during his reign. Value of his property in Dubai, Europe and America is said to exceed billions of dollars, a staggering amount secretly transferred out of the country berefiting the national exchequer.

This nation despite having most talented people on earth is deprived of an audacious and honest leadership who could steer them to their ultimate destiny but let us not be disappointed as this country is about to break its shackles of economic slavery and shall emerge as a pre-eminent military power  on earth very soon-Insha-Allah.

The contributor is a former Former Secretary of Health & Population Welfare Department, Gilgit-Baltistan. He can be reached at


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