Self-Made Law Affecting Students at Degree College, Gilgit

By Zahid Ali Zohri

THE female students of Degree College Gilgit are facing difficulties in enrolling themselves in examinations as regular candidates due to the introduction of self-made new law in the college by Director Colleges. According to this law, for a student to be able to appear in examinations as a regular student, it is prerequisite to pass every monthly-conducted test of college. The bad result will what the college administration calls taint the reputation of college. This is ridiculous.

An educational institution is never meant to winnow down an incompetent student rather it is meant to make an incapable capable. Matter of fact, this is a blatant move to shroud the incompetency of teachers and education system itself due to which some students could not perform well. Only frequent tests and their results can not truly gauge the abilities and intellectual power of students. If students get failed, it is not solely their mistake but the institution is equally responsible, as it failed to inculcate a quality education in students and focused merely on quantity basis.

More than 153 students of college are going to waste their one year due to this restriction and self-crafted principle from College Administration. Instead of resorting to such unjustifiable act, College Administration should rather focus on its own overall performance as to how make education system better and effective to get good result. This should be noticed by the concerned authorities of Gilgit-Baltistan education department and let all the students to appear in coming examinations as regular candidates.

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