Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

The uproar of meaningless showbiz and celebrities

Mushfiq Ali Khan

History has always attributed and glorified the best minds – people like poets, thinkers, best writers and iconic statesmen. Through behavior conditioning, this appreciation became essential for the birth of some of the biggest personalities of our past, for they lionized and imitated those praised minds and extended the ideas and moral values carved by them. However, on contrary, we are doomed today in a crowd of deified celebrities and meaningless entertainment directed towards every corner of our senses.

In history, Shakespeare was acclaimed as a play writer not an actor. People in the past never credited those who merely presented the written lines of a great writer with some added expressions. Similarly, a play was never better because of a certain paid performer’s presence, but rather it was judged and accoladed for the idea it entailed. However, with entertainment becoming meaningless today, appreciation of it as an artistic creation remains miniscule. For us, celebrity gossips and our favorite stars determine the admiration towards any entertainment form.

Aspired entertainers

Childhood is the first victim to get magnetized by the colors of entertainment industry in our time. Children wish to be entertainers for they get acquittance with them much before they hold books and listen to a teacher. They aspire to wear what their favorite actors and actresses wear, however immodest they may look for others, they seek their favorite’s muscles, cars and luxurious outfits.

A modeling or an acting contest today is widely accepted to be a critical opportunity for our teenagers. Tv screens are admired and the world knows more celebrities than philosophers of our era. For us, a film release is much awaited than an arrival of a government election.

An indecent society

In entertainment industry, with years passing, we are extending a much-developed movie repertoire, but there is a vulgar shortness in the celebrities’ attire. A blend of sexual stimuli is becoming a vital ingredient for today’s movies. In fact, vulgar free viewing content in showbiz industry is declining becoming scarce.

With evolving personalized modes of entertainment, more and more pornographic shorts are seeping into today’s serials and movies. Escalating intimate scenes in movies are increasingly blurring any possible lessons it may have to convey.

Moreover, our TVs are becoming a source of enjoying worthless conversations and lengthy demonstrations of petty life events. Gambling and robberies are on portrayed as heroic acts in films. Aggression and intolerance are exemplified as brevity and a manhood badge. Even more nonsense is found in different beauty contests, game shows and makeup contests for they create insecurities, urge for money and luxury.

What we get at the touch of a button in our TV is an illusory world of fake masters producing rumbles in our social fabric. The standards of respect and tribute are changing very fast. More recognized and noble are turning to be those who fake better and do unreal stunts on screens.

Eroticism: new beauty standard

Beauty queens today are leaving women unsatisfied with their natural looks. Woman and men both folk today at clinics for deformation of their body parts. Aspiring bigger lips and hips but only a palm thick tummy, which is set to be the beauty standard of our civilization.

To become beautiful, one needs a good medical help today for this beauty is only attainable in surgery rooms via cutting and morphing of flesh. Our addiction for steroids to develop muscles faster is on acceleration.

The new beauty standard slaps any black colored face as foul and nasty. It appeals for an unhealthy diet or otherwise regards an inch thicker person horrible to love and relationship. More and more aspirers of these slim superstars join the race to end up with perfect curves and big fat biceps.

Plastic surgery for men is on surge nowadays. In 2017, 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men in US which included methods to lift noses, to look younger and to sherd off extra breast and belly fat. Source: Another boom in men getting plastic surgery

Further, thanks for celebrities and beauty magazines for revealing us the importance of a bigger wardrobe in our lives. Our ancestors rivaled for food and survival, but we are in competition for clothing and fashion brands.

Celebs as vendors

Survival of celebrities and the screen life of their futile creations are important for corporations. They are great vendors for they exploit their admiration to sell soaps and juices on TV for a commission.

The more we emulate celebs in aspiration, the more we become a profitable customer for a luxury brand. Your love for an actor may dump cash at a sales book of any commodity brand. As a corollary to it, we will continue to watch perpetual meaningless movies and dramas, more sensual bosh, more objectification of women as beauty standards, and above all, more addictive and enticing entertainment.

The contributor is a student of IBA Karachi and interested in writing, politics, photography and programming. He has worked with the Social Welfare Department Govt of Pakistan and currently serves as a council member for UNA Pakistan. He can be reached

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